Special Update – Scarlett at 10 months

My littlest rascal is growing up so fast. She loves to eat and won’t hesitate to try anything. If she sees you eating, she will scream until you give her some. She joins us for meals now and eats most of what we do. She loves to feed herself and is good at finger foods.

 She has just this week switched from two naps to only one nap a day. I’m happy for that as it gives me a block of time when all three of them are sleeping and I can relax, nap, or get stuff done. I’m trying to get back into exercise and will use that time for it.

She loves to play in Logan and Lila’s room and is very happy to be around them, so long as she doesn’t need to eat or sleep. When she needs something, she will come and follow me around fussing and saying “mama” until I get to her. She hates a dirty diaper and isn’t happy until it is changed.
She also loves daddy and is such a daddy’s girl. As soon as he gets home, she charges from where ever she is, calling, “dada, dada”, and makes sure he gives her some attention.

The newest thing she has learned is how to point. She will point out things, often animals but also anything that catches her eye, then say “dat”. She must have learned this from Lila as I never taught it to her.
She loves to dance, to any music. And if she can’t dance, like when in the stroller or highchair, she will swing or kick her legs and laugh.

Only two more months till her birthday. Where did all that time go?
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  1. Awwwww, she sure is precious! In the your header picture, I noticed the little folds in her arms and it made me miss when my daughter was at that age. She had the same little folds in her arms from baby pudge…so cute!!The time does go by so quickly!


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