Special Update – Logan at 3 years, 10 months

Right now Logan’s life revolves around school. Last weekend was a long weekend and the whole time he was crying when I told him he didn’t have school those days. He loves going, and not just for the input. He is making friends, mostly girls. Ahem. He came home the other day chanting someone’s name. Turns out it’s a girl he has befriended and hugs often. And Glad told me that recently he hugged all the girls in his class before coming home.
His school is set up in a house, so classrooms are small and close together. The two preschool classes are next to each other, and though he is in one, he asks to be in the other one daily because of the teacher. He loves her and always tells me, “Today I’m going to be in Mamta Miss’ class.” He never mentions his teacher, though he does know her name. It seems that he has the run of both classrooms and both teachers feel it is better to let him partake of both rather than force him to stay in one. He is the only kid who does this, though. The rest will sit in their seats and not move until told, but he won’t stay seated.
His favorite activities are singing, puzzle play, and writing. He is good at drawing but still can’t write the alphabet on his own. I feel it is being introduced altogether too early, but that is something I can’t stop, as all Indian preschools introduce writing at 3 years. He brings homework writing practice and I help him do it. I just hold his hand and guide it, letting him control the pencil but making sure he doesn’t veer off into drawing mode like he would prefer.

Ready for school. He also has a cap as part of the uniform but doesn’t wear it as the one-size-fits-all hat is too small for him. Ha.

At home he still asks to do school with me, so when I can, I do reading with him. I feel learning to read takes priority over learning to write. He can read the alphabet, names and sounds; and knows the difference between upper and lower case letters. Sometimes we visit the Starfall reading website for phonetic practice. He kept asking me to write words for him to read, so I got a notebook and started with his favorites – farm animals. He can read all of those with no help. I’ve also added wild animals and some sentences about Winnie the Pooh and all the characters. So far he is enjoying it and getting the words down since they are about things he likes.
Logan has a love/hate relationship with his sisters. He will be super mean, grabbing, hitting, pinching and hurting them, then he will turn around and say in the sweetest voice, “I love you, Lila” and will hug and kiss her. Sometimes they play so well together and other times they fight all day. But I guess this is normal.   
Logan has also gone through a phase of refusing to eat, especially in the morning. At first we didn’t know how to handle it. He would start eating, then leave after a few bites, freaking out and screaming if we tried to get him to eat more. He would fuss to the point of throwing up what little he had eaten, and that would only make it worse as throwing up scares him. Not just him doing but even hearing someone else do it.
After some rough weeks, we finally realised that it was better to just let him eat as much as he wanted instead of forcing him to eat. He lost a lot of weight, but then started eating better of his own accord. He still doesn’t eat too well at breakfast, but I have found that it is because he doesn’t like to eat fast. When he can take his time, he will eat a lot, like at afternoon snacktime. He often asks for seconds at snack time and spends a whole hour eating sometimes. He hardly drinks milk anymore but has lots of yoghurt instead. He is slowly putting on weight again; his new love for buns is helping with that.

Here is a video I took of him this morning before he left for school.

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  1. Oh, I have done three, three times over. And if there is one thing I learned about three, it is that three year olds don't eat. They are just too busy exploring life. I fretted and fussed over my eldest, until my very wise doctor told me that this was a part of being three and they'd gain back their appetite soon enough. You have a gorgeous boy there. No wonder he's such a hit with the ladies.


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