Special Update – Lila at 2 years, 4 1/2 months

If I had to choose one word to define Lila it would be … dang, I can’t think of just one word. Curious, troublemaker, inquisitive, rascal, naughty, independent – those are the best I can come up with right now.

Sorry if the pics aren’t so clear. I’m using Glad’s phone to take them as the camera is still not working.

 She loves to build Lego trains. But they aren’t long trains with lots of cars; they only have one car and are more of a tower. She makes one almost daily and comes to show it to me saying, “Look I made!” She is so proud of her work.

 She also loves to build with blocks. You can find her stacking blocks all the time, usually just a small handfull of them. This was taken this morning.

One of her biggest loves are her cuddle toys. She has two that are with her almost all the time, and who she can’t sleep without – Ben and Lambie. Ben is a small bear that she got for Christmas last year and Lambie is a lamb I had years ago before Logan was born. Both are about the length of her forearm, so they are perfect for carrying around, cuddling with, etc. Any of the other ones can be missing but not Ben or Lambie. I have to hunt for them at times, but now she will often remember where she left them and can find them quickly.
She also has in her bed a duck, fish, giraffe, ragdoll, and rabbit. She willingly parted with her larger bear (see above pic) and spiderman so that Logan can have some cuddle toys at night too, but drew the line at him taking her ragdoll like he wanted to. I convinced her that spiderman was already Logan’s and when he asked for more, she offered the bear, but no way could he have the doll. Sometimes he will sneak it in the night when she is sleeping but if she sees him take it, she will snach it back so fast.
Logan had a bear up until a few months ago when he threw it over the balcony and only told me about it two days later after I had searched the house and didn’t find it. Someone had taken it by then. I think I was more upset about it than he was since I had had that bear since I was 15 and had saved it especially for my firstborn. He sometimes asks for Ed (the bear) again, but I remind him that Ed is gone, and probably sad like the lost toys were in Toy Story 3. He gets real serious and thinks about it, then says someone found him and he isn’t sad any more. Gee, Toy Story can make you feel so sad for toys.
Back to Lila. She wants to do everything herself – feeding, dressing, putting on shoes. Though she still needs some help, she can mostly do it, and I have to remind myself to let her. Logan still wants me to do everything for him (ok, not feeding) and says, “Mommy has to do it”, when in reality he is perfectly capable of doing it himself; he just doesn’t want to.
Lila loves to play with Scarlett and can make her laugh. They often dump the toy box together after Logan leaves in the morning and spend time playing. Lila also loves coloring and playdough, though both are temporarily banned since she started eating them rather than using them properly.
She knows when the cartoons start in the morning and asks to watch them almost daily. She especially likes Make way for Noddy, Dragon Tales, and Oswald. In the evening while I cook, they watch a movie together and she likes to pick Lion King or “Wio, da mobie about da bood” (Rio, the movie about the bird). Of course, Winnie the Pooh is still an all-time favorite and she has all the movies memorized, including the latest one.
She can be very naughty at times, running the other way when I call her, getting into things no matter how out of her reach they are. She has discovered that she can take the stool from the sink and use it to climb onto things that were previously unreachable. Between her and Scarlett, nothing is sacred any more.

Teasing her sister in the pool.
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