Special Post for My Grandparents

Mom is visiting my grandparents right now. They have never met my kids, nor do they own a computer or normally have internet at home. Mom had the internet set up for the duration of her visit so that she could show them my blog and photos, so I plan on using the next few posts to update them on the kids and their growth and progress. So Mom, Nana and Papa, these posts are for you.

Only now am I realizing how much all my kids have looked alike as babies. Here is the proof: Each of them are 9 months old in the following photos.




There are times when I look at old pics and see faces that look so much like Scarlett does now, like the one of Logan above. And Lila was the baldy. Her hair has taken the longest to grow out. Right now, Scarlett has more hair than she did at the same age, and Logan did too. In fact, only now have I begun to tie her hair up. I’ll have to get a pic of it soon. Our camera is still broken so I use Glad’s phone for photos but can only use it when he is home, so I’ll try for some this weekend.

Here is a video of the kids dancing that I took last night. It isn’t super clear, sorry, but you can at least see their love for dancing. Especially check out Scarlett’s wild moves. The song that is playing is a Punjabi song, from the north Indian state of Punjab. The moves Logan and Lila are doing are traditional Punjabi dance moves, somewhat adapted for them. The finger moves are correct, but usually the circle is done by linking one foot with someone and hopping in a circle with them. To see the video fullscreen, just click on the lower right hand corner.

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