Logan’s First Field Trip

Yesterday Logan went for his first field trip to a children’s library that we used to frequent last year. It is a cute place set up specifically for children under 12, not only for reading and taking out books, but also for arts and crafts, special classes, and activities. (This link is from almost 1 1/2 years ago and they were so small. Scroll to the end for pics of the library.)

Logan hadn’t been there in a long time, since before Scarlett was born, so he was thoroughly enjoying the time. However, when it was time to go his teacher couldn’t get him to leave, so she told him they were going to another library. Bad move on her part. When they got back to school, Logan cried for the new library. He cried all the way home and cried to me when he got back, though we thought he was only crying cause he had to leave. It wasn’t until later that we found out what his teacher had told him. Poor boy. He kept asking to go to the new library, and even asked again this morning. She had better have an answer for him when he goes back to school on friday (he has two days off, local holiday) cause I’m sure he will ask.

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  1. Pray for the teacher to get her act together and especially for Logan as he will not trust her again unless she keeps her promise.Will you talk with her?

  2. Not a smart move on the teacher's part!


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