Baby Needs, Part 2

Picking up where we left off… (pt.1 is here)
Here is a list of basic items you will want to have on hand before your baby comes.

Receiving blankets – at least 3
Warmer blankets – only needed in cold climates
Sheets – for the crib, 3 or 4; you may also find some thin small ones useful for when you need to put your baby down somewhere other than the crib, for the first few months.
Plastic sheet – to cover the crib mattress if it isn’t already protected. That way you won’t have to scrub things like pee and vomit out of the mattress.
Set of bumper pads to go around the crib – for wooden cribs

(Important: avoid pillows for babies. They could cause suffication if the baby were to get face-down in it and not be able to move back. Children don’t really need pillows in bed until they are around 3 years old.)

Puddle pad – for protecting surfaces during diaper changes
Changing and bath supplies – diapers, wipes (useful for the early months and outings), washcloths, baby shampoo, soap, cologne, and lotion or powder (lotion is for dry weather, powder for humid).
Nose bulb – for removing excess mucous either after birth or when baby has a cold.
Medicine dropper or bottle – in case you need it.
Baby hairbrush
Nail clippers – don’t get a baby manicure set no matter how cute it is. People who invent such things obviously don’t have babies. Only get the clippers.
Bottles – even if you plan on breastfeeding fulltime, it is a good idea to have one or two 4oz. bottles on hand, with the correct size nipples, in case you need to express milk or give formula.
Bottle brush – for cleaning the bottles
Diaper bag – ones with lots of pockets are more practical for keeping items sorted. But you don’t have to carry a real diaper bag. You may prefer to opt for a large purse or shoulder bag, something that expresses you. Click here for my post on diaper bags.
Toys – a mobile is nice for over the crib, and a few soft toys. But don’t buy too many. You will probably be given lots at your baby shower.

For you:
Breast pump – useful if you have more milk than baby can drink, or if you need to pump so baby can have milk at home while you go out.
Breast pads – you can get either cloth or disposable ones. These are very useful in the early months when you have so much milk and it leaks when nursing.
Nursing bras – nursing bras open so that you don’t have to take your breast out to nurse. Buy them when you are about 8 months pg., and you may need to go for a cup size larger than you normally wear. It will fit well when your milk comes in.
You may want to have a nipple cream on hand in case you need it.
Stock up on sanitary napkins now. You will need lots. I found the extra-long nightime ones were best for the post-natal flow. You can return to your regular ones when your period returns.

What is your most essential baby care item?

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