Salad Ideas

Here are some salad combo ideas that you may like to try. Though I am listing ingredients, one of the best things about salads is that they can be adapted using your favorite veggies and omitting ones you don’t like. For example, Glad and I both dislike raw tomato, so I never serve it raw, but I do use it for cooking.

– Green salad. I love this one for the color. I am listing what I use but you could use any green veggie that you like: spinach, corriander, green pepper, green beans and peas (precooked), spring onion, cucumber (seeded and chopped small, leave the peel on), sprouts (I use moong dhal sprouts). Other ideas would be lettuce, brocolli, and zuchinni. I also find that adding fruit to a salad brings out the flavor even more. For this green salad I recommend guava, green grapes, or green apple (peel left on). You could use all three fruits but usually one or at most two is enough, since this is not meant to be a fruit salad. The grapes are especially nice.

This salad is beautiful served in a glass bowl. If you find it is too green, a slight hint of red from pommegranite seeds sets it off beautifully. To get the seeds from a pommegranite, slice in half, hold face down in your hand over the bowl and hit the shell with a soup ladle. This loosens the seeds and they fall out. Make sure to wear an apron as the juice stains and it will splatter.

– Spinach and papaya. Since spinach has a strong flavor, the papaya helps to balance it out. Use fresh leaves and a very ripe papaya (firm, dark red, but not falling apart) for the best flavor. Sprinkle with lemon juice. I have also added salted peanuts or sesame seeds to this for some crunch.

– Beet salad. Precook and chill the beets. If you leave them to chill in the water they were cooked in, the color that drained will return, leaving you with brightly colored beets. Cut into bite-size pieces. Mince some onion and garlic. Mix in with your favorite vinagrette dressing. I haven’t tried fruit with this as anything you add to it would take on the color and might not look so good, but I think it would taste good with orange or tangerine.

– Sometimes I just mix up whatever I have on hand, like so: cucumber, tangerine and corriander leaves.

Cucumber, carrots and corriander leaves with lemon juice work nicely. I do like lettuce in salad but it is hard to find locally, so I make do with spinach and corriander leaves for the leafy green part. If you like some crunch in your salads, peanuts and sesame seeds work nicely, as would most any nut. Experiment with your favorites. I can’t get them here, but I used to love adding bacon bits to salads, along with a rich dressing.

– For dressing I often just add lemon juice. If I want something thick, I mix one part mayonnaise to two parts yoghurt, with some salt, pepper, chili powder, and occasionally, garlic paste.

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  1. I love spinach. I love beets. One of my favorite salads is spinach, goat or feta cheese, a nut of some kind, dried cranberries and balsamic vinegar. YUM. And I'm going to have to eat a lot of those starting next week and stop eating ICE CREAM!

  2. Ha. I love ice cream too and would eat it all the time. This is why I never keep it in the house. Too tempting.


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