ZZZZZZ …. Huh? No, I’m Typing in My Sleep

While starting on my second coffee, I try to recall the last time I was up at 6 … and stayed up. I’ve not slept too well these past few night. Scarlett got a cold again, and then started getting fevers off and on. Last night she was up every two hours to nurse, plus I had to take Lila to bed and get her water at least 3 times, change Logan’s bed and return him to his bed once. Did I mention I’m still tired? I’M TIRED! Please knock me out so I can sleep for more than two hours.

Since I couldn’t go back to sleep I figured I’d get some online time, something I’ve not had for a few days. For two days I was also sick with a cold, not able to do much, while still caring for the kids, etc. Every time I told Logan I felt sick and wouldn’t be able to do activities with him, he would say, “Mommy is sick. You feel like throwing up.” That is being sick in his mind, and something that freaks him out. Of course I would clarify that it was just a cold and that I would feel better if I had a nap, except napping is not possible. Yesterday I tried to lie down for a few minutes with Scarlett and she threw a huge fit, screaming and crying and was only happy when I got up with her again. Then later I tried lying down in the kids room while they were playing. It works sometimes, but each time I nodded off, one of them would scream and I’d be awake again.

I think Scarlett may be teething again. It is the only thing I can think of that would cause this kind of up and down fever. She still eats and doesn’t have symptoms of anything else except for a runny nose. She also keeps putting her tongue on the same gum area and it looks red and a little puffy. It is so cute though, that tiny tongue moving all over. And she is getting way too smart.

Too bad energy doesn’t come in a shot cause I would take one right away. 🙂

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