Some Random News

With heavy rainfall over the last two nights, the weather has cooled down drastically. It is overcast outside right now, yet amazingly I still need the fan on to not feel too hot.

Last night was amazing. Around 1 a.m. we had a thunderstorm, bright lightening, loud thunder, pouring rain. It was so loud it woke me up, so I thought I’d better check on the kids since something so loud was sure to wake them. Surprisingly, all three of them slept through the night, not waking once. Me, well, I woke with the storm, then later to change Logan’s wet pants (second time, to be expected in a downpour, I guess), then later to let Glad in when he arrived from the train station. He had gone for a day trip to a town a few hours from here and the train only came in at 5 a.m.

Logan and Lila are slowly getting better at sleeping through the night and in their own beds. It’s been up and down since I started the push to get them to sleep in their own beds. Some nights one comes to our bed, some nights both; the past 2 nights, nither of them. I hope this keeps up.

Scarlett is getting so big now. (I’m still kicking myself cause I haven’t gotten the camera repaired yet. I’m missing so much.) She is eager to eat anything I give her. She also demands food from whoever has it. Lila is willing to feed her, but I have to keep a check on that to make sure Lila isn’t feeding her something she shouldn’t have. Last night Lila was having oatmeal after her dinner. I was busy with Logan and left both girls alone in their highchairs, next to each other. When I came back, Lila was spoonfeeding Scarlett, or trying to anyway, and Scarlett was grabbing the food with her hands and it was all over the both of them. At least they were having fun, and with bathtime as the next activity, it didn’t matter that they were a mess.

Scarlett also has a new trick. She has learned to shake her head no. I don’t think she actually means no when she does it; it is just something new that is fun to do, especially when I’m trying to feed her. Ha. I have to hold her head still to get the spoon in. I figure that if she didn’t want the food she would spit it out, so the headshaking is just another skill to be practiced, anytime, anywhere.

She also has an earsplitting scream/cry combo that she uses whenever:

– she is hungry and tired;

– Logan hurts her;

– she is mad;

or whenever else it suits her fancy. Mainly though, it is when she is tired and wants me “RIGHT NOW OR ELSE”. I’m sure all the neighbors around can hear it and the only way to get her to stop is for me to pick her up. She is instantly quiet when I pick her up.

At other times if I try to put her down and she doesn’t want to go, she stiffens her body and then arches her back to fight it, all the while screaming. Sometimes I just lie her down when she does it, or force her to sit and show her a toy at the same time. After all, I can’t carry her when Logan has run from the bathroom unwiped and is ready to sit on the couch, or Lila is dumping the laundry soap into the sink (did that this week, and emptied my brand new bottle of stain remover too). She will then follow me and if I stop walking she will grab my leg and stand up, trying to get me to pick her up again. She also gets really mad if I don’t let her crawl out the front door when it is open.

So know you know who really runs the house. I’m just the slave and better get back to my duties before she wakes up. 🙂

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