I’m tired, but want to write something real quick. I got Scarlett’s ears pierced yesterday. I had wanted to get it done for some time but had waited since she had cradle cap that extended to her ears. That has been gone, but the next problem was finding a place to do that wasn’t trying to overcharge me. I had gotten Lila’s done for a decent price but around here they wanted to charge me three times as much as I had paid for Lila.

So yesterday I had to go out to pick up a Bible for one of Glad’s friends. I remembered that near that shop was the place I had gotten Lila’s ears done, so I stopped in there first. Poor Scarlett was already tired and ready to nap and had no idea what to expect, so of course she cried her “that hurt” cry. Almost made me cry, but I had to stay upbeat for Lila who was sitting there watching the whole thing. I gave her lots of cuddles and she got over it quickly, then fell asleep soon afterwards.

Also, when getting the needed Bible, I found one for the children, “The Beginners Bible”. It has pictures on every page and the stories are just at their level. Just what I needed.

So now we are reading through it and Logan and Lila are happy for a new book and I am happy to read them something they don’t have so memorized that they quote it while I read it (like the Winnie the Pooh books, can’t stand them anymore).

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  1. I love that Bible! Perfect for our kids too!

  2. I'm happy that you found the picture Bible, does that mean I should just focus on the Little Golden books? love you Mom

  3. Yes, mom, tks.


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