Glad’s Birthday

Yesterday (the 12th) was Glad’s 31st birthday. I had been planning for some time a way to make it a little more special and not just us as it usually is. I thought I could make a cake and take it to the school for his staff to enjoy as well.

Yesterday he told me he had thought about taking a small cake to school as it is tradition here in Tamil Nadu that, if it is your birthday, you treat your friends and coworkers. I told him I was making a cake and that I had thought of showing up with the girls and that we could all celebrate together. He wanted nothing to do with that idea, saying he would be too embarrassed.

Anyway, I planned to go, then he called asking if I still planned on coming. Ok, I could finally come without worrying that he was going to freak out about it like he had when I first mentioned it.

The girls and I arrived and he asked me to wait a while as the staff were in a meeting. Then one of the teachers came to tell me they had a big plan to surprise him with a cake and lunch. Ha. There were plans for a party right under his nose and he didn’t suspect a thing. We had to wait a while as the person buying everything was still out so the kids played and got into trouble, and I sat trying to not be impatient, since I knew it was already long past Logan and Lila’s lunch and nap time.

As soon as the food arrived, we took the cake in and I think he was very surprised to see that they had known and were planning this for him. He had gotten cards and gifts from a few of the staff in the morning and thought that was it.

When the cake was cut, we headed home with the kids and the large Rajastani lunch that had been bought for us. Someone had also thoughtfully gotten some KFC chicken and that was what the kids had since the lunch was quite spicy, though delicious.

Then I pulled out my surprise – fish curry. Now, I am not a great cook, especially when it comes to Indian food, but I can follow a recipe. I had been wondering what gift to give him as Glad is not into gifts but I love getting the right one for someone so the idea of fish curry came to me since it is something he loves.

At first I thought I’d buy it but the amount of food I’d have to buy just so they would deliver it wasn’t worth it. I was going to drop the idea when it came to me that I could try making it myself. So I googled a recipe and found an easy-to-follow one, held my breath and went for it.

Well, not only was he surprised but he was very happy for it as it is one of his favorite dishes, and when he had it later for dinner told me it came out just right. Ahh, success. And it has been a long time since I got a kiss from him for doing something – that made my trouble worth it.

So it was an enjoyable day overall, plus I tried something new and succeeded at it. It was fun.

Happy Birthday, Gladson!

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  1. Happy Birthday Glad!It sounds like you really enjoyed your day!It so happens that a friend of many years, Rob has the same birth date. I'm sorry I missed writing to you earlier but the wish for another blessed year goes your way. I'm so happy to have you as a son-in law! Thank you so much for loving my daughter and giving me some beautiful grandchildren who I hope to see soon.Here's a Big Hug, God Bless you!

  2. Awww, happy birthday to him!!! At least you attempted the recipe! If it has more than 5 ingredients, I usually run away…fast!!!

  3. So nice! How neat that it turned out even more birthday surprise-y than you originally thought. 🙂

  4. What a great birthday. You're so nice to do all that, especially the fish curry. I've never had that before, though I did just try Indian food for the first time a few weeks ago–delicious.


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