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Been sitting here for a while now, trying to get my menu and shopping list for the week complete. I’m one of those people who is organized for a while, then I let it go and just wing it until I can’t stand the chaos and I get everything in order again.
Take, for example, my daily planner. I have to write down what I need to do for the day in order to remember all the important things. I use it for my menu, keep tabs on what needs to be cleaned, what I need to buy, anything I’ve bought above the weekly shopping, bills paid. I record what exercise I got and for how long. If one of the children is on medication, I note that there too – what day it started, when it ends, and how many doses are needed daily. Of course I also have birthdays and such listed too.
In the back I have a list of daily jobs, things I have to do, such as boiling the milk, doing a load of laundry and folding the previous days load, etc. There is another list of household jobs and how often they need to be done, though they rarely get done when needed. I have a rough menu, long-term projects I am working on, and a long-term to-buy list.
Having this planner helps me keep orgainized, otherwise I will be sucked into things I want to do instead of things I need to do. There are times when I don’t complete what I put down, that is to be expected, but I try to stick to it as much as possible.
Something I’ve done for a while now that makes things easier is I keep a blank paper on the fridge and fill in what I need to buy as things run out. That way I don’t have to try to guess at it at the end of the week. I do keep a master list on the computer and refer to it as needed, but mostly whatever is on this list is what I really need.
I like to get my menu done at the same time, so that I know how much to buy of certain things, or if I need something I don’t normally have on hand. That way I cut down on unnecessary shopping trips during the week, though if I do need something, the shop where I go is literally just around the corner and it isn’t too hard to pick something up.
I try to avoid shopping with the kids. Most shops here have tiny aisles and they love to touch everything. Keeping them out of stuff is frustrating, so Glad willingly keeps Logan and Lila Sunday evening and I walk with Scarlett in the stroller to the shops that are right up the street from our house. (I’d love to leave Scarlett home too, but Glad wants to spend time with Logan and Lila, and he can’t focus on them if she is there. In a few more months though, I will be leaving her. My only loss will be the stroller to put everything in.)
I go to 3 separate shops. The first one is a place called a margine-free shop, meaning you get a little off the price of everything. Mostly it is just a few paisa up to 1 or 2 rupees, but there are items that have larger discounts of 5 or 10 rupees off. I know that isn’t much, but when shopping for a large amount of things it does add up.
The one problem with this place is that it is small and there are times when what I want isn’t in stock. So I make note of that on my list and when I finish there, I head to a larger place a short distance away. There I get whatever I couldn’t in the first place. Then I head to the fruit and vegetable shop, then home. In total, it doesn’t take me more than an hour, on average, to hit all 3 places and make it home before Scarlett gets really fussy. By the end the stroller is stuffed and heavy. Sometimes Scarlett does want to get out so I have to carry her and push the heavy stroller on the bumpy roads (don’t get me started on those).
There are a few other shops I go to on occasion, like one frozen food place where I can find a good size can of tuna (450 gr.) for a decent price, bacon and hot dogs, and a shop that only carries their own brand of dairy products where I get paneer and ice cream (sometimes). Things like meat and chicken we buy from the butchers, milk is delivered to the door daily, and a wholesale egg shop is only a block away. We buy two trays (total 60 eggs) at a time. I just put those big trays straight into the fridge.
When we get home I have to get it all up a flight of stairs, so I usually make two trips, one with most of the bags and the other with Scarlett in the stroller and the rest of the bags.
So now in a few hours, just as soon as Glad gets home from his classes, I’ll be off.

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  1. Wow, I got tired just reading your post. Write a book, it would be a best seller here in the states. What a girl, what a mom. And the mom's here in the states think they have it hard. Please! Give me a break. when they complain here, I will tell them to go to India. When I want to go to the store, I get in my air conditioned 2004 Dodge Ram, drive a block or two, & go into the huge air conditioned store & buy pretty much what I want. Are we spoiled or what?? Sometimes I envy your lifestyle, it is so simple & more to the point. I did live in a poor 3rd word country in Colombia, S.A., so I know what you are going through. Scarlett is getting big. And chunky, ha! But she is cute. Love ya, tell the kids I said hi.

  2. This sounds like reading about myself! I write so much stuff like that down in my planner too. And YES, I WANT to have meals planned all week, but so often just chuck it and go out – especially toward the end of the week!Love Alien Watcher's comment – I don't like shopping with my kids either, and I have the big easy USA stores!

  3. Love this post! Love knowing what life is like in other countries.


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