Random Thoughts About My Kids

This evening the kids watched parts of “The Lion King”. They don’t like to watch it all the way through as some parts they still find scary or boring so I skip those and they just watch what they like.
Logan’s favorite part is when Simba and Nala have met again and Timon and Pumbaa are watching them.

Timon: This stinks!

Pumbaa: Sorry.

Timon: Not you! Them! Him, her, alone. (Logan cackles hysterically)

He thinks alone is actually hello, and for some reason finds it so funny. He laughs at that part and wants to see it again and again. The hilarity never wanes for him. I have yet to find it funny (aside from the obvious Timon and Pumbaa banter).
After he finished the video tonight he was singing the song “Can’t Wait to Be King”, but he didn’t catch the word king and instead was saying ‘clean’. “Oh, I can’t just wait to be clean” is how he sang it.

He is continually singing or quoting parts from his favorite movies. Lately it has been parts from “The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh”, one of his all-time favorites. When he doesn’t catch the words, he just sort of mumbles through until he gets to what he knows, then proceedes to quote the same thing over and over. And that is when I wish I had earplugs. He knows so well all the movies and shows he has seen since he was small, so I continually try to introduce new things, though it is tough. He prefers what he is comfortable with, and will fuss and cry if I suggest something different, or give Lila a chance to choose.
Sometimes I tell him it is Lila’s turn to pick a video, and he will turn to her and say “Want to watch (whatever it is that he wants)”, thus influencing her decision and getting what he wanted after all. Well, he may get away with that while she is 2, but I’m sure she will eventually refuse his suggestions. That does happen sometimes right now, but more often than not he gets his way.

Scarlett has figured out how to get onto the balcony by herself. There is a small ledge by the door, and she crawls over it, then up the two steps to the top. I am nervous when she is playing there as she has yet to learn to crawl down the steps feet first, though I have shown her how. I’m afraid that at some point she will topple over on the cement head first. Not a nice thought. She goes out there when Logan and Lila do, and I have tried blocking her exit, but that only got me a barrage of angry screams that I am sure the whole neighborhood heard. She just has to be where everyone else is, but I can’t be out there the whole time they are. I am trying to make Logan aware of her safety and how he is responsible for her when I am not out there, but I can’t rely on him yet.

I know I haven’t put up any new pics in a while. The automatic lenscap on my camera is jammed and I haven’t had time to get it to the repair shop. I’ll do it soon, I promise. For now I will leave you with a few pics from June that I don’t think I’ve posted yet.

That is our unused swimming pool in the background. The kids have had colds, coughs and throat infections off and on for a few weeks now, due to the weather changes. Hopefully it won’t have too many holes in it and I will be able to use it again once the monsoon is over.

This is actually a slide, but not a safe one. The angle of the slide is so steep that it is closer to being a drop. It doesn’t have an extension on the bottom; the kids just hit the dirt hard. Most slides here are quite dangerous in that sense, yet the kids seem to figure them out early. Lila likes this one sometimes and today surprised me by going down behind my back. Usually I stand there and grab her arm before she hits bottom so that she doesn’t land face down in the sand like she did today. She didn’t care though and went back for more. She only discovered a scratch on her forearm later when I was washing her. She is too daring.

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  1. WOW!! Gee Wiz! That's quite the slide and quite the little girl.Keep those eyes in the back of your head working! Grandma


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