Baby Pics Linkup

Today for the first time ever I am trying out one of those blog linkups, just for fun. This one is hosted at Things I Can’t Say.

Logan at 7 1/2 months.

Lila at 6 months.

Scarlett at 6 months.

Notice the same walker for all of them. Of the three, Scarlett has used the walker the least, preferring to crawl all over instead.

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  1. So sweet!Don't you love when you actually get good use out of baby stuff like that? We had an exersaucer that all three of mine loved.

  2. It's great. I also loaned it out before Lila used it, so it has been through 4 babies.

  3. I am amazed how you've recovered in such a short time, 3 babies in less then 3 years, that's a feat! The pics are precious and that walker was a good investment! Grandma


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