If Only I Wasn’t So Tired…

One thing I never expected when I became a mommy was to be tired all the time. I feel like I never get enough sleep, can never get enough. Now that Logan goes to school and has to be up by a set time, I try to get up earlier so that I can have some time to wake up slowly, coffee in hand, and do something personal so that I feel I am getting some time to myself before the demands of the day start.

I wish I had an answer for this problem but I don’t. If you have never known what it is like to be really tired, have always gotten enough rest, then be warned: you will no longer know what it is like to feel rested once you become a mommy.

First, it will be the unpredictible schedule of your newborn that will exhaust you. You will wonder if you will ever sleep again as you wake up multiple times a night to feed and care for your tiny bundle. As baby gets older, you may get more rest when baby sleeps longer at night, but it will never be enough.

If you are blessed with one of those rare babies who sleeps through the night from an early age, enjoy it. It may not last forever. Of my three, only Scarlett slept through the night for any length of time, and it only lasted about 6 weeks from when she was 2 1/2 months until 4 months old.

Sickness, teething, and frequent needing to feed will keep you up more than you knew was humanly possible. Lila used to nurse so much at night I had a hard time telling when one feed ended and the next began.

As they get older, you will still not get enough sleep. Your child may go to bed at a decent hour but you will find yourself using those hours in the evening to catch up on things like folding laundry, washing dishes, or even just trying to relax a little before you sleep.

Even if they have their own room, be prepared to find your child in your bed, sometimes all night. One way to ensure a little more sleep with your baby is to keep their bed in your room. That way, you can just lie there and fall asleep while you breastfeed. Some mommies prefer their baby to sleep with them for the same reason. I like a little space, and I always worry about the baby rolling off the bed (though it has never happened in the night) so if I’m awake when the baby finishes nursing I do move her back to her bed, but more often than not, she ends up sleeping with me the rest of the night.

Logan and Lila both climb into my bed at night, sometimes multiple times. It can get crowded and uncomfortable to have 5 people in the same bed. I’ve woken up to find one next to me on either side and one at my feet. How my husband can sleep through it is beyond me.

Currently, I wake up at 6:30 a.m. and am rarely in bed before midnight. Sometimes I am able to squeeze in a short nap after lunch when all 3 kids are down, and that helps a little, but I get the feeling that I won’t know complete rest until my kids are grown and living on their own.

How do you manage without enough sleep?

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