Logan and Stories

Logan’s favorite Bible story is the one about the Lost Sheep (with Noah’s Ark being a close second – he loves any with animals). I recently downloaded a short video of the story from My Wonder Studio. They’ve seen it over and over, and Logan now has it memorised.
The other day while waiting to leave for school, Logan quoted the entire video, word for word. Except when he got to the part where the shepherd was counting his sheep, he started at 90 and counted to “90 10” (it apparently comes after 99) and then continued with the rest of the story.
He has a terrific memory for things he learns, whether it is via video, music, or just reading it to him. I can read him a story just a few times and then he will quote it back to me. He now “reads along” his favorites, quoting the whole thing with me while I read it.

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  1. Logan reminds me of you1 you could remember things very well! I just read your Mommy to Mommy, I like it! it should be an encouragement to who ever reads it.GBY Mercy, I wish i was there so we could have a good chat!I like you am living alone except that my kids are 20 &22. Shiniji ,Japanese lives with us, he is working as an English teacher. It is lonely, I miss each and every one of you! love Mom


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