Monsoon is Here

With the arrival of the monsoon, things have cooled down considerably here. The daily high has been around 33 deg. C, and often overcast, so it feels cooler. It has been raining every night for about a week now.
In a way it’s good that it only rains at night, cause we can still go out in the day without worrying about getting wet. Yet I love daytime rain. I find it soothing and calming…unless I’m stuck in it and getting wet. Monsoon rain isn’t just a drizzle; it is a downpour that can beat any umbrella. The roads turn into mini rivers and your shoes will get ruined. No one wears rainboots here. Rubber sandals are more common and the best if you have to walk in the rain.
This drastic change in the weather is probably what is responsible for the colds we’ve all had this past week. Lila is ok now, and Scarlett is slowly getting better. Neither of them like having to take the antibiotics, but this particular one is rapidly effective. Logan used it a few months ago when he had something similar to what Scarlett has now, and this cleared it up quickly.
I remember getting caught in monsoon rain many times in the past, particularly when I lived in Bangalore. There the rain usually came in the afternoon. It would hit suddenly and so intensely that there was no hope of staying dry. It would actually rain sideways. Riding in an auto in the rain was always an experience too. Since the sides are open, you still get wet. Some of them have a curtain to roll down and that will keep you fairly dry, though you can’t count on it. I used to open my umbrella and place it on the floor of the auto by the open side so that my feet could stay dry and warm.
That is another thing. We get two monsoons here – the summer one (right now) and the winter one (around October/November). The summer one is more refreshing since the temperatures don’t drop as drastically, but I always find myself freezing during the winter one. When temperarures drop into the 20’s, you find people in jackets and hats. There is actually a shop near our house where they sell winter clothing that I never thought anyone here would use, like the kind of jackets usually worn in snowy weather, knit hats, gloves, scarves and sweaters. I went in there last winter to get a sweater for Logan and was surprised by what I saw. The owner said they maninly sold stuff to those who were traveling to colder countries; makes sense to have such a thing available.
I did pull out the children’s sweaters recently but Logan is the only one who gets cold enough for it, probably because he is the only one who doesn’t have the necessary body fat for keeping warm. Normally though, they only wear them in the winter when it does get cold enough for them. We just use sweaters though. I haven’t found it cold enough for jackets or hats and mittens were only for when they were babies.
Of course all this rain brings beautiful growth from the plants. Everything turns green again and looks great. The downside? The mosquitos return. Our house in particular gets a lot of them and we use every mosquito-fighting invention available, yet we can’t keep them out. The one thing I enjoyed in the summer was no mosquitos. It may have been too hot for us, but it was also too hot for them and we enjoyed not having them around.

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  1. Hi, It's rainy season here to but your monsoons top our rain!The cooling down is so nice!mercy, I'm sorry ,I just got caught up in pain for the last week, plus the moving etc so i hadn't written to you or Anaik. I love your blog, hearing your heart, seeing the kids hearing about Glad and your needs ,all of this inspires me to pray more for you and yours. I love you so much, Please pray for me to get rid of this affliction, going to a Chiropractor today, he is about 2-3 hours from here by bus. I love you all Mom


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