Sickness, Again

Lila and Scarlett have been sick for a few days. At first I thought it was the same thing Logan had a week ago, but Scarlett got progressively worse until I knew it was something else. Yesterday we took them to the doctor. Scarlett has some sort of infection that is affecting her throat. Poor baby can’t make any sound that isn’t raspy and can’t cry without it hurting, I’m sure. She is now on antibiotics. Lila will take them too, though she is nowhere as sick as Scarlett is.
So now I’m worn out. Scarlett is demanding day and night. I carry her much more than normal, so my arms are aching; I’m not sleeping well and feel so tired. But such is life with sick kids. At least when Lila gets fussy and wants to be held it will only last so long and I can distract her with cartoons or something, but Scarlett is still too young for that and wants mommy, mommy, mommy. She will go down to play for a little while, but then gets fussy again.

And I have a little complaint (sorry): We only own one laptop, and Glad has been taking it to work with him EVERY DAY, ALL DAY! I don’t get access to it until the kids are in bed cause as soon as he drops it off (as he is running for his English classes), Logan and Lila are waiting to watch their favorite videos, so it is theirs. We just need to buy a new laptop, actually I think we need two. He needs one at work and I have to have one at home. There are so many things I need it for. This laptop is ready to retire – most of the keys are shot, has a battery life of 10 minutes, missing keys (tks. Logan), etc. Arrg.
Why don’t we just buy them? Like I’ve said before, we avoid as much as possible buying on credit, unless there is no other option. Anyone want to give me a laptop? 🙂 No, guys, I’m joking. I’ll just have to wait until we can afford it.

Ok, complaint is done. Here are a few pics of my stinkers…

Here is how Lila usually looks: diry, messy, half dressed. See the permanent marker on her legs?

Yep, she got up like this on her own.

She flatly refuses to sit in the tub.

Feeling on top of the world…

Their first time using playdough, and yes, Lila had to eat some. She can’t help herself. Can’t wait to get those walls painted.

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