Always Something New

Logan had his first bit of homework yesterday. He came back from school with a workbook in his bag, so I checked it, since usually these books stay at school. He told me his teacher held his hand and helped him write the letter a, and his homework was two lines of a’s. Of course he needed my help with it since he isn’t yet used to following dotted lines and going slowly and neatly.
He loves learning new things. At the moment, most of what he is doing in school is review for him. For example, he is being introduced to the alphabet, shapes, colors and numbers, yet he knows them all already, so writing is something new and he had fun with it.
After finishing his required homework he wanted to do more, so I pulled out the workbooks I had bought for him some time ago and we did a page of 1’s together. He can’t get enough input. Sometimes he reminds me of Johnny 5, the robot from the movie “Short Circuit” who kept going around saying “more input” and was never satisfied no matter how much he had.
Hopefully his love for learning will last for life.

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  1. Johnny 5 as a kid's need for input is a GREAT visual! And completely accurate. What's your school year calendar? We're in summer here.

  2. The school year here is June to March. April and May are summer, with temperatures soaring over 40 deg. C. Right now it's 'cooler', the daily high being between 36 and 38 lately, with some rain. (Rain makes it seem cooler.)


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