Unwinding to Avoid Loss of Sanity

It’s after midnight and I should be sleeping. My kids have been in bed since 10. My husband just went to bed, and he is usually up later than me. I guess I’m just unwinding.
Sometimes I feel my day will never end. Lila is driving me crazy with her daily antics. Since I wrote that last post about the trouble she likes to cause, I’ve been on the lookout for it and noticed that she does at least one big naughty stunt daily that creates a mess that I have to clean.
Today she got glue all over herself, dumped her dinner all over the floor, and dumped water outside the bathroom door. Three’s the charm. One day it was drawing on herself with permanent marker, or the real yucky one where she dumped the potty all over the bathroom floor with the semi-solid contents stinking their way into the rest of the house. Worst of all, she was playing in the middle of it like it was the most normal thing in the world.
She has done most of the artwork on the walls, beds, toys, and floors. And I can’t wash it off. Now I know why people wait until their kids are grown to invest in brand new furniture. She still loves to throw things over the balcony, but dumping things, anything at all but usually water, seems to be her favorite activity. She dumped all of Glad’s new business cards on the floor twice. The second time it happened I asked her what the baby was doing and she said she was playing in daddy’s things. Daddy’s desk is off limits, but Logan and Lila still get into it, and this time tried to pin the blame on Scarlett. Ha. They don’t yet understand how to do it on purpose…I don’t want that day to come.
To top it off, Scarlett is now getting into things. Today she figured out how to crawl over the ledge at the balcony door. So now she can get onto the balcony but has yet to figure out how to crawl up the steps. I’m not going to go ahead and show her how either. I figure once she can do it herself then she can go out there. I spend so much time daily pulling stuff out of her mouth – I don’t remember this happening with Logan and Lila.
I’m so tired of all the little things that happen daily. Logan missed school from Tuesday onward because of a fever and then a sore throat. He wakes up with what we used to call a ‘frog in your throat’ sound. He coughs a little but isn’t sick otherwise, except he’s been eating less. But he’d better recover this weekend cause him going to school is my sanity saver. I get 3 hours where I don’t have to listen to him and Lila fighting, him hurting her and her screaming at a million descibles. He also wants storytime/activity time/abc time all day long. He asks all day!!! Even if I just did something with him, he wants more. His desire for input is good, and school is the solution because I get more wired up listening to all those requests all day long, mostly in a fussy voice because I can’t say yes every time.
Last night he wanted stories and I told him I was tired and my brain needed a break. He immediately cried to daddy, “Mommy’s brain needs a break.” As if the tears would make me change my mind.
I’m not tired yet, but I’d better get some sleep before Scarlett wakes up to nurse. And I need a shower. And I’m hungry. I’d better get out of here.

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  1. I hear you! This is such a hard and busy time. I have the same couch set that I got right out of college. YES, that's been 18 years. I am NOT NOT NOT buying a new set until Little Iggy turns 5. She spills stuff daily. I'd be so much more angry with her if my stuff was any good!

  2. Don't worry it will get better. Right now you are a parent, but one day you will be a grand parent like me. I love my grand kids because I can play with them, then when they get too cranky,why I can just give them back to mommy. I feel for you though, if you can't get a break. We all need breaks every now and then from kids.

  3. This just sounds like a typical day Mercy! I have two little ones. My oldest is 5yo and my youngest is 20 months old. My oldest, ilana, has just finished for the school summer holidays, a whole 7 weeks! I think I will me insane by the time she goes back! But when they are asleep in their bed, you just look at them and your heart melts. I wouldn't change this for the world. It all goes by too quickly.


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