First Day of School

So yesterday was Logan’s first official day of school. He was actually excited about going, mainly because there was a snack in his snackbox and he would get to play in the playhouse with the red door.
We took a few pics with his new backpack, which the school provided. He gets his uniform next week.

And here they are on their way. His school is a literal 2 minute drive from our house, so they leave only a few minutes before school starts, since Glad doesn’t have to be at work there until then.

The girls had some playtime for the next 2 1/2 hours, intersperced with diaper changes, nursing, video and snacktime…the usual with them.

Lila kept asking when Logan and daddy would be home. As much as Logan pesters her and hurts her, she misses him when he is gone. So as soon as they got back, she ran to the door saying, “Logan!” and he promtly slapped her face. Oh my. I asked him why he had done that when she was so happy to see him and he said it was because (he says capas) she had said Logan. What logic. Anyway, we got him to apologise but she wouldn’t accept it for some time. She was so offended. But after a while they were back to playing together like they usually do.
He did well at school. The next two weeks are just warm up, adjusting time. He was the only one in his class who didn’t cry the whole time. He was too busy with puzzles. He only fussed when it was snacktime as he wasn’t hungry yet but had to do what the class was doing. He told me the teacher fed him.
It was a pretty good first day, and now I’d better wake him up and feed him so he won’t be late today.

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  1. Its amazing how they suddenly start looking small when they dress up for School ! God Bless !


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