My Birthday and Other Updates

It feels like an eternity since I wrote my last post, probably because several blog-worthy things happened this past week and the internet was down so I couldn’t write about them. So let’s see.
Last Saturday (the 21st) was a busy day. We got some new furniture and spent most of the day moving stuff in or out, cleaning corners that hadn’t been touched in a long time, getting rid of stuff that had been piling up for a long time, etc. Actually, all this stuff came from the family we were living with last year. They are leaving the country, so we bought some stuff off of them.
What did we get? A fridge, microwave, dining table, small cabinet, large cupboard, desk, air conditioner, smaller bed for Logan that has a trundle attached, t.v. and stand, plus some boxes of curtains, books, and other odds and ends. The house is looking cozier now with more stuff in it, and we actually have a bed in our guest room/office. We took the big one Logan had and he got a smaller one. In addition to that, the t.v., dining table and fridge are all bigger than the ones we had. I especially love my new fridge. We needed a bigger one.

Logan busy with his newest favorite activity: building trains. And he always wants me to take a pic.

Daddy and kids having fun in the pool.

Overexposed, but still cute.

Scarlett’s latest trick.

Sunday (the 22nd) was my birthday. Glad surprised me by mentioning it twice in the week leading up to it. He never remembers birthdays so it made me feel good that he made the effort to remember. We didn’t do anything big, just ordered dinner and he got me a cake.

The kids all sat around singing happy birthday, but their eyes were on the cake. Too cute. And of course I had to cut it, etc. etc.

Scarlett had her first taste of cake.

Do you think she liked it?

A few days later I took my birthday money and went clothes shopping. It’s been so long since I could just go out, on my own (well, ok, Scarlett was with me), enjoying the quiet, not having to drag small someones or get them out of trouble. I can never shop with them. Of course I stretched my time out for as long as I could. Glad had classes in the afternoon so I had to come back, but a morning to myself…ahhh, so nice.

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