My Baby is …

To continue from my last post – Scarlett is growing up so fast. Things are different with her, maybe because I am more experienced in caring for a baby. I find it easier to deal with all the little things that come with having a baby in the house. Except I wish she didn’t have teeth yet.
Over the past two months since she got her first two teeth, I have been bitten so many times that I am seriously considering putting her on bottles. Now with teeth on top that meet the ones on bottom, it’s getting worse. I’ll see how much longer I can endure. I’d rather not get into bottles yet if I can help it but they sure beat getting bitten.
She’s not even 6 months old yet, and already she has 4 teeth, sits by herself, and is trying to crawl. See these videos as proof.

Other things she loves is playing with Logan and Lila, laughing at daddy, splashing in the tub, tasting food (sometimes she gets mad if I don’t give her some), and playing with her toys.

On to Lila’s latest antics. Yesterday she began by dumping her favorite cuddle toys in the pool. Then after swimming time, she was eating a snack in her room. Logan came running to tell me Lila had dumped her milk. Well, there was milk all over the table and chairs, the wall, the floor, some books, and Lila herself, all nicely rubbed in. She washed herself and everything in milk. So I stuck her and the plastic furniture in the shower and cleaned up the mess. In the meantime, she managed to wash not just herself and the table and chairs in the shower, but also 3 more cuddle toys – and they were all sitting, dripping wet, on the wet, clean chairs. Arg. The messes this one makes in the name of play are enough to wear me out. I have to lock any door I don’t want her to open to avoid more mess.

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  1. Lila'a antics brings back memories of the good old days!Enjoy these times! Fun! Scarlett is so so cute!! Hey Logan looks like he was enjoying the pool too, such a great way to keep them cooled off!Nana


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