Sweating vs. Swimming

Temperatures that soared early in April went back down with a week of rain, known as the “mango rains,” since mangoes are now in season and available at every shop. The large mango tree in our yard had a good crop of large, fat mangoes. We have had a few of them and they are good.

The cooler temperatures didn’t last though. The past two days we have had blistering heat, upwards of 37 deg., and just hot, hot, hot all day long. Day or night, it’s HOT! Since we are on the coast, we have humid heat, meaning sweat is a part of life. But I was thinking today about how that is better than dry heat, where you feel like your skin is being fried to a crisp. We are using the air conditioner much more now, take showers throughout the day, drink water by the gallon, and basically just endure. This kind of heat drains you, making you feel tired all the time. The only relief is sitting in air conditioning, but I can’t spend the day in my bedroom.

Sweating all day also wreaks havoc on your clothes. Eventually they get an odor to them that doesn’t come out, no matter what you do. They stink as soon as you sweat in them. The only solution is to throw them away.

Today I decided it was high time we set up the big 5′ pool Logan got for his birthday. The tiny one they had been using was not holding air any more, having been bitten on more than one occasion by my curious bathers just to see what the pool tasted like. The reason I’ve not done it sooner is: I have to lug all the water, bucketful by bucketful, to the pool from the bathroom, all the while competing with my kids who delight in dumping the water back out. So I gave them strict instructions that they are not to dump the water. They have enough space inside that there is no need to play outside the pool. Besides, with a pool this size, we should be able to keep it full for a while before having to top it up.

But with the intense heat I relented and filled it. My reward is that I fit in it too. Twice today, when we got too hot, Scarlett and I sat in the pool with Logan and Lila for a refreshing time of cooling off. Of course, after sitting in the sun all morning, the afternoon water was hot, not cool, but it was water and we were outside having fun. Logan and Lila had a great time, splashing, pretending to swim, blowing bubbles, pouring water on each other, and dumping it when I wasn’t there. At this time, the pool is only about half full; I had filled it when they were napping after they had used it twice in the morning. The rascals wait until I take the baby in and then start dumping the water out.

Scarlett sits so well on her own now, and she just cut two more teeth. Yikes.


But at least half of the water is still there. So tomorrow when they want to go in, they can just go, while I try to refill it. Of course, being outside, the pool is bound to get full of dirt and leaves and I don’t want a dirty pool, so I came up with a plan to make a cover out of plastic bags and masking tape. It may not be pretty but it does the job. I even considered putting a tiny bit of bleach to keep algae out, but I figured my kids will be making me refill it so much that any algae won’t have a chance to grow.

The only plus of the heat being here is: the mosquitoes (mehito, as Lila calls them) are gone.

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