Lila’s Birthday

Saturday evening we all went out together to a mall. The kids had some KFC for snack, then we walked around, looking in different shops just for fun. There was a huge toy shop that was the highlight of the outing. I would have taken pics there but there were signs everywhere saying ‘no photography’. Too bad. They had some adorable displays and staff showing how the toys worked. Glad hates staying in a crowded mall so we didn’t stay long. At home we had dinner and then the cake. Lila was happy with her cake. Sorry the pics are dark. The flash on the camera died just that day. Gotta get it fixed.

No big party like we did for her last year. We were tired and just the thought of it was tiring. Besides, the only people we would have invited weren’t available. And Lila didn’t know the difference or care. Bigger parties can be when they are older.

Update: You can see the above pics clearer here on my FB page.

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  1. We lovbe you. Mom and Zeke!


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