Two Years Ago Today

It’s Lila’s birthday! Where have the past two years gone?

About an hour after she was born.

When I think about her, the word ‘rascal’ comes to mind, probably because from day one she has been so active, and has progressed through the steps of growth faster than Logan ever did. She is always on the move; even in her sleep, she moves a lot or moves into my bed. She sat, crawled, stood and walked early, and now talks so well people think she is older than she is. She regularly uses 3 and 4-word sentences, and tackles big words that I would never imagine a 2 year old using. Of course she says them in her own cute way, forcing me to listen to her closely so I can understand.

We won’t be celebrating until Saturday so that Glad can be here. We want to go out together for some fun and then come home for the cake. There won’t be a party, no guests, just us spending some time together.

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  1. Happy birthday to her!!! Hard to believe who quickly 2 years can go by!!

  2. Happy Birthday Lila,nana sure is proud of you! You are so grown up at 2 years old! Big Hug and kiss to you!


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