Hidden Baby Pic

Ok, here is a little game for you. Can you find the hidden baby in the pic below?

And the story behind it: I left Scarlett on the side that is surrounded by pillows, yet somehow, in her sleep, she moved over where you see her. I remember getting an urgent feeling to go check on her and when I did, I had a momentary shock at seeing her gone. I actually had to search for her as I didn’t see her right away, and I knew she hadn’t fallen or else she would have cried for sure. Her head is exactly on the edge of the bed. Another 2 inches ahead and she would have fallen.

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  1. Oops!!! Jayden has startedmoving around too

  2. It pays to obey those checks!GBY! You've got to be tuning in all the time! She is getting too smart!Maybe she should sleep on the floor or in a playpen.She is so big a beautiful just like you were at her age! I am allowed to say that right! Grandma


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