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It’s 11 p.m., I’m dead tired, but I have to unwind a little before I sleep. Logan is still up, something he has begun of late. He stays awake until daddy gets home and then fills him in on every detail of our day. Then he sits with Glad and watches some cricket or Animal Planet while Glad has dinner…until I shoo him off to bed.
Glad is working long hours these days. He is running the summer camp activities at the preschool where he was doing the after-school activities. He leaves by 9 a.m., comes for lunch between 2 and 3, and is gone again by 4 for the English classes he is teaching and isn’t home until 11 p.m. The classes are for people in the Korean community, who are desperate to improve their English. His students range from grade school students to the CFO of Hyundai’s Chennai branch.
These are his weekday hours. Weekends he has a fewer hours of English classes, and Sunday brunch activity center at a high-end hotel. Not a day off. I’m trying to get him to slow down, to not have so many classes, to at least take one day off on the weekend. When he doesn’t have work he’s content to lie in front of the t.v. all day, but when he has work, he goes into high gear and won’t stop unless he gets sick. Typical Leo.
Back to Logan: he loves being with daddy so much that in the afternoon, he won’t nap until daddy is home and can lie with him, and at night he has to see daddy. I figure this will only be for a while longer and then when he goes to school he will have to sleep earlier.
We have already enrolled him in the same preschool where Glad is working and the owner is giving us a good discount. He starts in June. For some time now we have been trying our best to convince him that school is good and that he will have to go sometime. So far his reaction has been “No, don’t want to go. No thank you.” Then the other day when part of the kids had gone on a field trip, Glad had me bring the kids there so that Logan could see what we were talking about when we said school. He liked the place and afterwards told me (a few days later) that “all children go to school” so I think he has gotten the idea.
Lila had a short experience joining a class of 2 year olds for playtime for about 10 minutes while we were there. At first she was hesitant to enter the classroom but the brightly colored bowling pins caught her eye and she happily went to play. She has never gone with anyone she didn’t know before, so I was surprised that she didn’t cry.

Logan visiting daddy at work and learning about his soon-to-be school.

Next week is Lila’s birthday. My baby is turning 2. I can’t believe it. She is excited about it and is helping me plan what she wants to do and have. Logan is not so happy about it only being for her and is telling me what he wants for his birthday. When he starts bringing up ideas, Lila says “no, it Lila boofday, go away!” Oh my. I don’t know where she got that from.

Miss independent wants to do everything on her own now. This is from this morning.

One more cute thing before I go to bed: Logan is choosing the words he wants to learn to read and he wanted people words – mommy, daddy, boy, girl, etc. I decided to add all of our names and our surname so he could learn those too, since when I asked him if he knew mommy and daddy’s names he replied “mommy and daddy”. He can say my name just fine but calls Glad “Glasunt”. Too cute.

And I have to also post one of my adorable Miss Chubb who gets so much attention from everyone where ever we go. Can’t get a smile much bigger than that.

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  1. Please send me adorable Miss Chubb,COD!And that was a very nice pic of Glad at school. Yes I guess you know Leos!I'm sure that the Lord can give you an idea that would convince Glad to take off one day a week! I will pray for you and him on this one! love you Mom


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