5 Months Old

Little Miss Chubbs is 5 months old today. Time sure has flown. I don’t even know where the last 5 months have gone. Scarlett has changed from a quiet baby into an active, chubby rascal who will do anything for attention and cries when I go out of sight when she wants me.
She can now roll over, push up on her hands and play with her toys, chews on anything she gets in her hands, and her new favorite activity is sticking her feet in the air and trying to eat them.

Like so.

Their matching dresses. Well, they only match in color and material. Scarlett’s is a bit stretchy and the designs are different, but otherwise they look similar.

Logan enjoys having his picture taken with her. When he sees me taking pics of her, he comes and says “Logan too”.

She desperately wants to sit up on her own but can’t do it yet. Here is her first attempt.

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  1. Chubby Chubs is gorgeous,the girls look so beautiful; and of course Logan is handsome!Scarlet has grown, she is healthy looking, she reminds me a bit of Brian as he was a real Chubs!Five months old, it is incredible, how time flies when were busy.You've got some wonderful kissable kiddos, I'd like to mush them up, tell them grandma wants to mush them!They won't understand!

  2. Your grandma had her Birthday on the 13th, she often asks how you are doing.love you Mom


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