Pics from March

I’m in the kitchen flipping pancakes right now, waiting for the pics to upload and sweating it out. Summer has arrived in all its sweaty, hot glory; temperatures are in the mid-30’s and I’m dying. Showers throughout the day are a must. Maybe I’ll fill the kids pool today. So now I present to you some of the best pics from March.

Pretty Princess!

Having fun together.

Every time we go to this park, Logan sees this road roller parked there and points it out. He likes construction vehicles and says, “That looks like Bob the Builder”. The funny thing is, he hardly ever likes to watch Bob the Builder.

Water break at the park. It was deathly hot that day.

I remember swinging like this once upon a time.

My cutie pie and the red hat.

Logan was in little boy heaven getting to pet this cow. Usually he can only look at them from a distance, but the rule is, if the cow’s owner is there and he says it’s ok, then he can pet it. His day is made when he sees a cow, and petting one puts him over the moon.

My strawberry shortcake showing off her cute overalls.

“Let’s go to the beach!” Maybe now that summer is here, we may actually get to go.

Naptime on the balcony during a power cut. Definately cooler outside.

Mr. Artist wasn’t tired.

“My favorite place to be: Mommy’s arms.”

Video time during their recent bout of sickness. They are better now.

“I’m flying!”

Tiny girl, giant chair.

I love this dress.

Past midnight and she was perkier than ever.

And I have to tell you what Logan just said to me. They were playing hide and seek with daddy and Logan comes and says “Daddy is being so rascally.” Where does he come up with stuff like this?

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  1. Monthly pics keeps grandma happy!I love them, and that bit of a pic of you with Scarlet is so beautiful! It made me realize how much I am missing by not seeing you with your little loves. I'd love to be there just to see the satisfaction on your face when you look adoringly at your babies. You love them as I love you .


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