Of Coughs and Sleepless Nights

It’s Saturday morning. Glad is gone to work already and I’m still trying to wake myself up. Last night was so busy. I know I was awake more than I slept. It’s hard to sleep when you are cramped in bed.
Because of the weather heating up, we now have to use the air conditioner at night. Since we only own one and it is in our bedroom, at night I put Logan’s mattress on the floor for him and Lila to sleep on. Do they sleep there all night? Of course not. Lila makes her way to my side at some point. She won’t sleep in the middle but on the edge and has fallen numerous times because of that. She snuggles real close and if I move to get some space, she moves too, even when asleep. Then Logan eventually climbs up next to Glad and the crowding begins. I have nothing against snuggling with my husband but I’d prefer the kids not be there.
The reason they are getting away with this right now is that all 3 kids are sick with coughs – Logan and Lila with a croupy-type dry cough and Scarlett with a regular cough and cold. All 3 are cranky, wanting all my attention, crying if I don’t immediately say yes to their smallest request. Logan especially will burst into tears if I say any word but yes.
Glad took Logan to see our landlord who is also a pediatrician. He is an older man in his 80’s, slow-moving, but he knows his business. He gave Logan a basic checkup and then recommended antibiotics for his cough. I think Lila will need them now too, though her cough is nowhere near as bad as Logan’s.

I mostly feel bad for Scarlett. Imagine all of a sudden feeling sick, coughing, and not being able to do anything about it. It’s never happened to you before so you don’t know what it is. She wants to be carried all the time, and cries the most pitiful angry cry if I put her down. Sometimes she is happy down but after only a few minutes at most, she cries again. Needless to say, I’m not getting much done. In an effort to keep them occupied and happy, they are watching too many videos.

Last night even Scarlett, who usually sleeps through the whole night, was up, but at least she nursed and went back to sleep. I had to move Lila back to her bed so I could have space to lie with the baby, but in literally 30 seconds she was back.
I keep telling myself it’s not the end, that soon the day will come when they will not only sleep in their own beds, but they won’t want me in their rooms or even their lives (like I’m gonna let that happen without a fight). Anyway, that helps me endure when I can’t sleep cause I’m too crowded. The other night all 5 of us were there in bed. Scarlett was wide awake at 12:30 a.m., unusual for her. The other 2 had rested all day and napped so were also awake. Glad and I just kind of laughed and I waited until I dropped from exhaustion. Later I woke up and moved the girls and was able to get a good sleep.
Now I’m on my second cup of coffee. It’s after 10 a.m. and the kids are all still sleeping, worn out from a night of coughing and fussing. I just have to make sure I don’t get sick so I’m sleeping until I wake up instead of getting up early. Exercise will just have to wait.

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  1. The tests of motherhood! and fatherhood! The litte red riding hoods keep them all very busY!Don't worry, it isn't always this way ,thank God and yes you'll always want to be involved somehow in their lives. If I had my way, I'd be over there to visit you once a year and then have all of you come here! And then for the rest of the year, I'd be travelling and visiting all my sons and their familes and Anaik.What would be my witness? That I spend too much money? that I love my kids and grandkids so much! it would be all of that and more. I love you Mom


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