It’s Life’s Fault

Life has kept me so busy these days. I hardly have time to stop for anything. At times I feel like not keeping a blog any more; one more thing looming over my head, telling me I’m falling behind. Well, Blog, I’m in charge and I say what happens when. Does it sound like I’m going crazy, talking to my blog? That is what motherhood will do to you.
My other excuse for no posting is that we have all been sick – coughs, colds, the works. It is hard when I get sick as I can’t stop and rest. There is no one to fill in for me so I have to keep going. Of course I let some things go, things that can wait awhile like extra cleaning and so on, but I can’t stop cooking or caring for the kids, no matter how bad I feel. So it always takes me longer to recover than the others.

Anyway…ahem, ok, some updates.

Scarlett gave me a shock this week by breaking out two teeth! Yes, my 3 1/2 month old has teeth! I’ve heard of this being possible but have never actually seen it. I think even she is surprised to feel something sharp in her mouth. She is constantly touching them, biting on things, etc.

My sumo wrestler.

Sitting in the doll highchair. She just fit. It was a little tight around her tummy but that is what held her up.

Just this morning Logan came running into the kitchen to show me his latest chalk masterpiece – a drawing of me.

Ok, I know it doesn’t look a thing like me, but he was so proud of it and I love that he was thinking of me.

Then he got daddy to draw all of us…

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  1. Your Sumo has competion with Brian's baby photos, add three more rolls around the middle and everywhere else and you'll have Brian! Scarlet is beautiful, she looks so grown up!How can that be! The pic in the doll char, wow! She looks like a 6 month old.Healthy that's for sure. And daddy is doing the kids a big favor playing with them, they will never forget the things they've done together.Of course Mom, they'll never never forget you either!

  2. You will play a large part in them for the rest of their lives, everything you are, they will be, loving, kind, patient, helpful,encouraging, bright, full of ideas and so on.Love you Mom

  3. Priceless moments !


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