Some Days I Feel Like An Octopus…

…or maybe a rubber band, stretched in all directions. Everyone wants or needs something from me. Some of them are more demading about it than others but all are needy. Time for me? That’s why I get up early and is how I now have time to sit here.
Yesterday I decided I’d try making a cake. Sure, I’ve done it lots of times, but never without an oven. So, with all 3 kids awake and busy, I tried it. I mixed up the batter and cooked it like pancakes on a cast-iron pan. To make sure it cooked well, I made 3 small cakes, covered it with a lid, kept the flame low, and watched it like a hawk. At the same time Logan and Lila asked for a snack, and I was roasting peanuts in the wok (we buy them raw and roast them ourselves, cheaper). My family loves peanuts for snacking so I had to get them done.
To flip the rather large pancakes, I used 2 spatualas and did it fast to avoid breakage. The cake recepie I used makes a very soft, moist cake, generally not the best for pancakes … but it worked.
It was while I was stirring peanuts, cooking pancakes, chasing Logan and Lila out of the kitchen, all the while nursing the baby, that I began to get the octopus feeling. I needed more arms to do everything I do in a day, especially when I am trying to complete so many things at once. As a mother I often feel overworked, stretched beyond capacity, in need of a break. I try to sneak in little breaks here and there but they never last long.
Do I have a point with all of this? I’ve just realised that I am talking aimlessly with no point in sight. I guess the point is that I do end up managing better than I thought I could. I survive the stress, the fights over toys, the crying, the need to be carried around, the “I’m-most-important-and-you-have-to-do-what-I-want-NOW” feeling that each of the children exhibits in their own way. The important this is that I do survive.
And I don’t need 8 arms to do it.

The ones responsible for it all.

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  1. They are too beautiful to be true!! Are they real??Those latest photos are Gorgeous!!!Mom you are doing great, you sound like I did when i was alone with all of you but i enjoyed it so much just like you do!The Lord has really blessed you with a beautiful family.Love you honey! grandma


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