Goal Success

Well, I’m finally succeeding in one of my New Year’s goals, and that was to wake up early for exercise and some time to myself before the kids get up. I always used to wake up early, but during my pregnancies I would sleep late and then just stay in the habit for a while. I realised that the only time I was going to get any exercise was in the morning.
I’m blessed with kids who like to sleep late in the morning. Even the baby is now sleeping up to 10 hours straight at night. She is down by 12:30 and then sleeps till about 11 a.m., not waking up once. I’m enjoying this as my last two didn’t sleep through the night until they were toddlers, around 18 months, and the nighttime nursing would take a lot out of me. It’s only been in the past two weeks that Scarlett has begun to sleep through the night, but I guess that was my cue to start getting up early, cause it meant I had slept straight through myself, unless one of the other two had woken me for something.
So now I get up early. My goal is 6:30; some days I don’t make it till 7, but at least I’m up. Eventually when Logan starts school and has to wake up earlier I’ll have to get up earlier. Hopefully by then Scarlett will be going to sleep earlier at night so that I can sleep earlier to. I have to have some sleep or I won’t survive.
Getting back into exercise hasn’t been easy but it feels good. I’m happy that I am doing something good for my body for a change. Ha. I’m so out of shape that the first day, just the warm-up got my heart pumping. I haven’t done stretches in ages so I am not at all flexible like I used to be. For now, I’m taking it slow, only doing what I can and building up to more.

My goals are:
-To increase my stamina and get back into cardiovascular shape
-To get my muscles toned
-To be flexible again, and
-To get my tummy looking nice again.

This last one is going to take some work. I have some special exercises I’m using that will hopefully do a good job. I know I won’t have a perfectly flat tummy, but I do want it to stop bulging. I’ve promised myself a new swimsuit when I reach my goal. Gotta have something to look forward to.

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  1. Good, Just don't overdue in the beginning! Love you, MOo


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