Long, Tiring Night and Disastrous Morning

It happened again. Scarlett decided that she wanted to be up between the hours of 12:30 and 4:30 a.m. I tried so hard to get her to sleep. I nursed her, patted her, rocked her, and left her in her bed till she cried. Then I decided to walk her around in the hopes that she would fall asleep. Instead, she was perkier than ever. She holds her head up well when being carried over my shoulder, so she was looking around at everything.
By this time it was about 3 a.m. and I knew she wasn’t going to sleep any time soon, so I put the computer on and caught up on some blog reading. By 4 she had nursed and dozed but it wasn’t until 4:30 that she finally fell asleep. I was so tired. I prayed that she would sleep at least until 8; she slept until 9. I was happy.
While nursing her I realised the other two were up already. Logan was laying at my feet, awake but resting, and I could hear Lila in her bed talking to herself. I told myself that I would get up for them as soon as the baby was done. Right! Next thing I know (it was an hour later), Logan is next to me yelling “doo doo, doo doo”, a normal enough call from him, but it was his next statement that woke me all the way: “You eating plain cheese”. He had a huge grin on his face. I had told him to go use the toilet but the cheese statement got me. We had just bought a kilo of cheese yesterday and it had to last a month as cheese is expensive here. Logan loves cheese so I was sure he had taken it out and was polishing it off.
I flew out of bed and followed him to the kitchen to see an empty yoghurt container on the floor, another empty plastic container and lid, a small knife, two oranges, and it the middle of it all sat Lila with the 1/2 kg. box of butter, eating it by handfulls. At first I was relived that it was the butter and not the cheese; then I saw the mess I had to clean. There was butter all over the floor, the counter, the dish rack, the (had been) clean dishes, and two pairs of pajamas, feet, hands and faces. What a way to start the day!
Cleaning the mess, the kids, and cooking them some food took me until 11:30. And where was Scarlett in all this? She slept peacefully after nursing at 9 until 12, then after nursing and having a bath, she again slept until about 3:30, and is currently lying awake while I type this.
Now why can’t she sleep like this at night???

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