Attempting to Get into the Christmas Spirit

Yesterday I took the kids for an outing to a hotel that was hosting a children’s Christmas event. They had put up a large house, made to look like a gingerbread house, and they were letting the children decorate it with frosting and candy. We got there late (not my fault, honest) so my kids missed that part but they had snacks, played with balloons, checked out the decoration, etc.
Lately Logan has become afraid of loud noises, namely anything that sounds like it is exploding – firecrackers, the pressure cooker, and balloons mainly. If he hears any of them, he screams and covers his ears and won’t uncover them without a lot of convincing that the noise won’t hurt him. When we first arrived yesterday, he was happy with the balloons and took one, but as soon as he heard one pop, he started freaking out, running away, covering his ears, telling me he didn’t like them, etc. It was a little hard to handle as he is so loud and refuses to calm down. I was feeding Lila and trying to hold on to him to keep him from running off, which he kept doing. He just wanted to get away from the balloons. The event that I thought would be so much fun for him became something he hated. If it wasn’t for the delicious chocolate brownies I might have gotten stressed out, hee hee.
No one in this fancy hotel was concerned about him disturbing guests so I didn’t have to worry that he was going to cause us trouble. I did have to keep a close eye on him as he kept trying to get away from the balloons by heading for the kitchen, the elevators, the stairs and the front door! It only got difficult at the end when the baby wanted to nurse and was crying as I tried to get Lila away from the gingerbread house (she was snacking on the candy that had been stuck on it) and saw Logan outside the front of the hotel. It’s a good thing there were others there who I knew; one of them caught Logan and brought him back.

Proof that he sometimes likes balloons – and loves chocolate. He gets that from me.

The gingerbread house.

Trying to eat a snack and keep his ears covered at the same time.

Checking out the tree.

He kept his ears covered for so long, even while climbing the stairs.

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  1. Love Lila's look near the ginger bread house:) Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Poor Logan's ears are really sensitive , maybe that will help protect him from loud music when he gets older!The pics are beautiful,nice photos mom


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