One Month Old!

It’s been one month already – one month since she was born, to the minute. At this time, one month ago, I saw her for the first time. A bright red ball of chub, but so cute. She still turns red when she is crying.
Now, at one month she…
-almost has set nap times
-has regular awake times
-is very alert
-loves attention and will sometimes smile when someone is talking to her
-still has that wonderful newborn smell

I can’t believe one month has gone by already. It went so fast. I’m feeling much better myself. Up until last Friday, I was still taking it easy, doing only a minimum of work, resting as much as I could. Then Glad had to go to Bombay for 3 days. He is helping our friends who run the Relief Projects India programs. (You can see a video of one of their projects here). A super wealthy family there is having a wedding, and told their guests that instead of bringing gifts, they were to donate to the charities that the bride and her family chose. So he is there helping collect the donations, give receipts, etc. He will be home Tuesday evening, so I am alone until then.
I’ve just been doing what I can or absolutly have to do, mainly meals, dishes, laundry, and care and discipline of two rascals who know mommy is still not up to par and at times just want to make it hard for me for the fun of it, and one little darling (she isn’t a rascal yet) who has powerful lungs and makes sure she gets what she needs right now or I’m gonna make you go deaf! Yesterday I felt good enough to take them for a walk, so I strapped on the carrier and all 4 of us went out. We just took it slow, a little too slow for Logan’s liking. He is used to me walking much faster and kept trying to pull me along. I had to remind him that I still need to go slow.
Ok, miss loud lungs is trying to let me know that she is not happy with having to wait another second, so that’s all for now.

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