Rain and Christmas Musings

It’s still raining, heavily. Parts of the city flood when it rains like this and for sure tomorrows paper will be full of stories about it. With the rain has come cold weather. I like cold weather but am no longer used to it. Today’s low was supposed to be 21 degrees, not factoring in wind chill. For us, that is freezing, considering the average year round temperatures hover in the mid-30’s and up over 40 in the summer.
While I have dressed the children in layers and am chasing them to keep their socks on, my crazy husband goes around the house in a t-shirt and shorts and sleeps with the fan on. Yes, on low, but still on. I’ve shut all the windows that can be closed to try to warm the house up, and I sleep with a sweater on.
(You Canadians who are reading this had better stop laughing at me. I am not used to cold any more.)

Something I’ve had to adjust to living in India is the fact that Christmas is not a major holiday here like it is in other countries. While malls and big chain stores might decorate and use it as another time for selling, christians are the only ones who actually celebrate it. That means that most shops will not be decorated, hardly anyone decorates their houses, so there just isn’t that same Christmassy feel in the air like in places where everyone is celebrating it.
I’m having a hard time getting the feel in the house. I play Christmas songs but that is about all I can do. We can’t really afford a tree or decorations this year. It is the first year that it will just be our family and I would really like to make it special so I have to look into some low-budget ideas for it.
Logan and I put up our Christmas countdown poster from last year and every day he reminds me to take a number off, but he keeps taking all the numbers off. I’ve glued them back on several times. We have some Christmas movies to watch together, and I’ve been putting on more Christmas videos for the kids, anything to remind them of the season.
I’ll let you know how we get along.

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  1. Wow that's hard on you!You've always been so full of fun ideas for Christmas and not having many to share the joy with must be quite different then what we are accustomed to!Love you honey!Mom


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