How They Love Their Sister…

Sisters, sisters,

…there were never such devoted sisters.

Well, at least right now. No telling what the future will bring but I hope one day they will be best friends.
Lila was so cute this day, sitting there, gently touching Scarlett. But the other day I had a scare. I heard Lila crying and asked Logan what he was doing to bother her, since it is usually his fault when she cries. This time though, he told me she was touching the baby and he was stopping her. I went to check and Scarlett had been moved completely off her little bed. So I had to talk to Lila about not touching her unless I’m there and that Logan had done the right thing in stopping her.
I thought that Logan understood that he shouldn’t touch the baby either…until yesterday. Scarlett started crying so Glad went to get her and called me right away. I went to see her with her head hanging off the bed! Lila was sleeping, Glad and I hadn’t moved her and she can’t move herself, so obviously Logan had done it. She was sleeping on a blanket facing the middle of the bed and he had turned her around and left her hanging, poor baby. I gave him a stern lecture about not touching her. Just imagine if she had fallen!
I’ve been reminding Glad all week that we need to get the crib in our room, but to do that he is waiting on this guy who is supposed to help him move Logan’s new bed to the kids room. This guy still hasn’t shown up so no move yet. I’m getting impatient as it’s my baby’s safety at stake. Gotta make sure this bed switch happens soon.
I’m happy my kids love the baby but I have to keep a close eye on how much love they show her. It could be dangerous.

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  1. these photos are so sweet and precious, Oh, the kids are beautiful, no wonder mama hen intends to take good care of them. Switch the bed or switch the hubby!Don't tell him I said that! I didn't say that, not sure who did!

  2. Well, I don't know who you are since you didn't sign your name so I can't tell him anything anyway. Ha.


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