Some Things I Remember About Christmas Over the Years

I remember…

-Sitting under the tree and being mesmerized by the lights and decorations. I never got tired of spending hours staring at the tree.

-Wanting to peek on my gifts and being torn between peeking and knowing in advance, or having the surprise on Christmas morning.

-The smell of a fresh pine in the house.

-The smell of snow in the air. I love it.

-Enjoying decorating a tree. To me, decorating a tree properly is creating a masterpiece, and I love doing it. I would even undo it if I found it getting too messed up by the younger kids and redo it.

-The taste of fruitcake. I could eat it every day in December without getting tired of it.

-Performing with my younger brothers and sister, and sometimes other children. We would plan simple dance routines and then perform them at retirement homes, malls, schools, restaurants, events, etc.

-The year I sewed costumes for our dance team. For the girls, plaid skirts and vests, worn over a green top. For the boys, the vests with white shirts and black pants. (I only sewed the plaid stuff.) I wasn’t sure exactly how much material I needed and ended up with too much. And the thread? I bought so many spools of red thread that I still have 3 or 4 of them in my sewing bag right now.

-The year I was living in Equador with a family who didn’t buy gifts or put up a tree. I missed it so much. I actually went shopping on Christmas day for some gifts for myself so I could feel like I had gotten something.

-Our cats climbing the tree and knocking it over. We would hear the tree crash to the floor, the sound of screaming kitties running for their lives, and we’d rush to rescue the tree and yell at any cat still in sight.

-The year in Mexico when we bought a tree that was already dried out as there were no fresh ones available. (They had to be imported.) We spent the whole season sweeping up needles and by the end the tree was basically just a stick.

-Christmas shopping. I find it exciting, finding just the right thing for each person, something you know they will enjoy. I enjoy even more shopping for my kids and I wish I could get them more stuff than I do, just because they are my kids.

-Wrapping gifts. I always thought I’d love to spend the Christmas season wrapping gifts at a gift-wrapping stall, because there is so much opportunity to be creative.

-The taste of candy canes. It is one of the things I miss the most as I can’t get them here.

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  1. Send me your exact address for receiving gifts 'cause if I find those candy canes i will send them!I miss you1 Mom


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