10 days of complete rest has worked wonders for me. I’m not fully recovered; that will take a few months, but I feel stronger and the surgery area no longer hurts like it did. Yesterday was the first day I didn’t need to have a painkiller in order to move around. Yeah! But…

Pain has been replaced with torturesome itching. I know it’s a good sign, but it is driving me crazy. Tomorrow I go to get the stiches removed. I doubt that will do much for the itching but at least I’ll be able to take a proper shower. Do you know how hard it is to get clean when you have a bandage you aren’t supposed to wet right in the middle of your body?

Scarlett is doing well. She is such a good sleeper; she will sleep at least 4 hours between each feed. She never spends much time awake, something Glad is bothered about; she is always asleep when he wants to play with her. I’ve tried to tell him to have patience, wait a few weeks and then she will spend more time awake. He will actually wake her up to play and she gets this annoyed look on her face and scrunches up her nose. Too cute.

My mind is full of plans of things I need to get done. I’m trying to just write it all down and plan when to do it. The list is growing rapidly. Most of it will have to wait a while but a few things I’ll be able to do right away.

And don’t worry about the meltdown I had the other day. I’m feeling better now. I think all mommies have off days but I don’t remember the last time I had one like that. …But you can still send me chocolate. 🙂 I’ll never turn that down.

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  1. Scarlet is so so beautiful!i envy you that you can just kiss her and kiss her!Honey please don't get in a hurry to do things, please wait as long as possible before ever lifting anything or anyone outside of Scarlet, wiss I was there. At least you have both your dad and I praying for you,as well as Anaik and your brothers!And everyone else who loves you!Big Big Hugs!


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