Hospital Adventures

I’m enjoying this time I have to relax, rest and recover. As a busy mommy who hardly ever has any time “off”, it is nice to not have to do anything except care for the baby. Of course I couldn’t do anything if I wanted to. I just don’t have the strength. Inside I’m dying to get the house clean and in order, but my body is quick to remind me that I can barely walk from my room to anywhere else in the house. Movement is still painful so rest is my only option.

So let’s see. Scarlett is now 6 days old. Those 6 days seemed so long before they happened. I had to check in to the hosptial the night before the delivery as it was scheduled for early morning and I had to be prepped beforehand. Glad and I went to check in the evening of the 12th, leaving the kids home with Nana. Halfway there she called to tell us that Logan was freaking out. We had left them watching a video and the plan was that Glad would return to put the kids to bed, but it seemed he might have to go back sooner. She said Logan was mad, hitting the computer, throwing toys, biting Lila and hitting her. I had expected a reaction to my leaving but not this. We couldn’t go home though so she had to deal with it. Later she told us that Logan finally fell asleep. He hadn’t napped so being tired didn’t help anything.
I checked in and was told to wait a while as my room was being readied. Glad felt it best to go home for the kids’ sake, so I waited. After a while they told me to wait in the general ward until my room was ready. Time was ticking and they still didn’t come to show me my room. About 2 hours later the sister in charge called me in and told me I couldn’t stay if I didn’t have an attendant. She wasn’t very understanding as I explained to her why I was there alone and that Glad had planned to show up early the next morning. I felt like crying since no one there was willing to help me. I called Glad and explained the situation and we talked about what to do.
A short while later my doctor showed up. She normally wasn’t at the hospital at that hour, but she was more understanding and she arranged for me to be moved to a private room in another part of the hospital, since maternity was full. We had already paid for a private room in advance so they had to give it to me. Shortly after that Glad called to say that he thought it was probably best his mom stay with me for the night as the kids needed him at home. So around 10:30 p.m. they all showed up. Logan was his happy self again, having had a good nap, and they climbed on my bed and asked questions about everything in the room. In the end it was decided Glad wouldn’t be able to be there in the morning for the delivery as the kids’ happiness was more important. I did so want for him to be there but knew this plan was for the best.
I said goodbye to my babies and went to bed. At 4:30 in the morning the nurses woke me to begin the prep. I was scheduled to be in the operation theater by 6:30. It was nice to lay there without having to deal with labor pains like I did last time. But knowing I was to go in soon made me nervous. I did my best to relax and try to put it out of my mind.
By 6:30 I was moved to the operation theater. The attendants got me set up and I watched as everything happened around me. I always get very cold lying there as the airconditioner and fan are on but they turned them off when I started shivering uncontrollably almost as soon as entering the theater. My doctor and another doctor showed up, along with the anesthesiologist, who noticed my nervousness and took it upon himself to help me relax by explaining things as he did them. Having him talk to me did help somewhat but I can’t say I was able to completely relax. I forced myself to focus on everything he said. First he told me when he put the needle in, then when he was done and had me turn on my back. Then he would tell me that my mouth might feel dry and how to handle it. He even gave me a little water when my mouth got too dry.
As the baby was coming out he told me what I would feel and then he told me it was a girl even before I got to see her. This was so different from Lila’s delivery where no one talked to me or anyone else and I was left to guess what was happening. The final thing he told me was that after I saw the baby he was going to give me a sedative so I could sleep through the rest of the surgery. I was so thankful for that. I guess they did the same at Lila’s delivery but since I wasn’t told about it I was left to wonder what had really happened.
I woke up still on the table as soon as everything was over. I felt happy knowing it was all done but still felt a little sad that Glad hadn’t been there to see her like he had for the others. I was taken to my room and tried to sleep, but as the anesthesia wore off, the pain kicked in, and by pain I mean PAIN. Immense, unbearable pain! It was all I could do to keep from screaming. I remember tossing my head, pulling my hair and crying, unable to do anything else. I wanted a painkiller but didn’t have the presence of mind to remember where the bellcord was to call the nurses. I don’t know why they didn’t just give me one when I arrived in the room. Finally Glad’s mom noticed and called the nurses to give me something. I didn’t care what kind it was, I just wanted it. When it finally kicked in the relief was as strong as the pain had been. Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such pain. I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t experience this with my previous deliveries, until I remembered that both of them had been in the late afternoon and I had been given a sedative shortly after being moved so I could sleep for the night.
Glad had told me he didn’t think he’d be there that day, but by the afternoon he and the kids showed up. He couldn’t wait to see his new daughter. Logan and Lila couldn’t figure out why mommy was lying down and they couldn’t get on the bed with me like they had the night before. But the looks on their faces when they saw the baby were priceless. I had done my best to prepare them for the baby but they were still amazed to actually SEE a baby there. I think they thought she was a doll, she was so tiny.
So delivery day was full of activity. The next few days were all about rest, learning to nurse, begging for painkillers from forgetfull nurses, and putting up with silly questions like how many times the baby had gone pee over the course of a few hours. Really. See, this hosptial has a nursing school attached and most of the nurses are in training, so the pediatrician had given them assignments over each baby. What I don’t understand is how it is assumed that all new mothers there are using cloth diapers. I tried, unsuccessfully, to explain to each of these girls how a quality disposable diaper can be left on the baby up to 12 hours as long as it is only wet. You should have seen their faces. One of them told me I had to check her diaper every 45 minutes to make sure she was peeing enough and that it had to be changed when wet. I felt like telling the school to upgrade their curriculum to include info on disposable diapers. Most of these girls are very young, unmarried, so they really have no first-hand experience with babies. It was entertaining, to say the least.
We were discharged on the 17th, her actual due date. Glad and Logan came to pick us up. I hadn’t seen them since the first day so Logan was so excited. He wanted to do everything with me all at once. He almost cried when my doctor came to change the bandage and he had to wait outside the room. He thought he was leaving me again. But finally everything was in order, paperwork was complete, and we were able to go home.
Coming home was less plesant than I had hoped. I knew the power had been off for over 24 hours, and I expected the house to be a mess, but what greeted me was more like the aftermath of a explosion. Nothing was in place, furniture everywhere, a mountain of (thankfully) clean laundry on my bed, and dirt everywhere. Nothing was clean. And to top it off, the smell of some awful fish asulted my nose the moment I walked in. I’m not sure if it was the fish itself or the seasonings, but it was bad. I don’t like fish so this was enough to make me want to run the other way in search of fresh air. Lila was there waiting so I said hi and she looked at me like ‘where did you come from’, but got all excited when she saw the baby saying ‘baba, baba’. I went to hug her and my nose died all over again as I smelled the stench of guava on her breath and the putrid smell coming from her diaper. Arrg. There was no escape.
I’ve been home two days now. I wish I had a way to magically clean the house. My usually neat, clean kitchen is upside down, laundry is in various stages of drying, and I find myself hoping we won’t have any surprise visitors. Please don’t come to my house for a few weeks until I’m well enough to clean it up. I’d be very embarrassed for anyone to see it like this.

Ok, I think that is all for now. Scarlett and I have had a big week and we are enjoying our semi-vacation as best as we can. I’m going to sign off now and go take a nap. See you.

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  1. Beautiful baby,she was worth it all!Even though it has been an incredible experience, rest and recuperate,honey.I'm praying for things to not get to you and for you to listen very closely to the whispers.Love you so much!Mom


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