Logan’s Third Birthday

Logan had a big day yesterday. It started with him getting up bright and early to go with daddy to the train station to pick up Nana. He was especially excited to see the trains. Because he got up so early, he was ready for a nap by 1:00. For some reason I was super tired so I went to lie down around 11:30 and ended up sleeping for almost 3 hours. Logan was sleeping when I got up but Lila wasn’t, she having woken up at her normal time. So I gave her the rest of her lunch and put her to bed.
All day Logan was anticipating his cake. A friend had offered to make it as I don’t have an oven, so that was one thing off my list. I wrapped his gifts and then we waited for the friends who were coming. Logan knows them well, but for some reason he had a complete meltdown when they walked in. Maybe it was too much stimulation or just too much attention. Whatever it was, he cried and screamed. Daddy took him to another room to calm down and soon he was ready to rejoin us, though when it was time to cut the cake, he went back to my room saying he didn’t want any cake. Finally daddy held him and they cut the cake together.
After the cake he was more relaxed and even wanted me to sing happy birthday again. But I think the highlight was the gifts. One was a wooded car track with small wooded cars. All the kids enjoyed that one. It held their attention for the longest time…until Logan opened his puzzle. His first request for a gift had been a puzzle so he was very happy with it. He played with that until everyone left and it was time for dinner. After a very late dinner he had ice cream, showered and went to bed, where he was asleep very quickly.
His gifts included a swimming pool and beach ball (next summer, yeah), coloring books, some plastic farm animals, the puzzle and car track.

Just a few pics.

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  1. Your Lil Muffet looks gorgeous having the Ice Cream. You were worried you would not be at home for the birthday eh 🙂 All the best and keep well !! Happy Birthday to Logan !!

  2. Happy Bday Logan!! And all the best for ur big day trow. Will call Glad for updates. U take care and rest well at the hospital.Love to the kiddos


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