Delivery Date and Some Prayer Requests

It is rapidly coming upon me, d-day. I’m both excited and apprehensive. Excited because it means the end of my pregnancy and getting to finally see my baby, lose the big tummy that has me so weighed down, etc. And I’m apprehensive because I really don’t like surgery of any kind. I get nervous and scared when they get me in there. Also yesterday, while having my routin checkup, my doctor noticed that my heart was occasionally missing beats, so she is sending me for an ecocardiogram today just to be safe. If there is a problem then I have to take some antibiotics in preparation for the delivery, since I have to undergo anesthisia. I don’t know what the risks or dangers are but I’m hoping things will be normal. I’ve never been comfortable with any kind of medical anything that involves my body, so the thought of something possibly being wrong scares me.
The delivery is scheduled for this Saturday the 13th at 6:45 a.m. I have to check in the night before, again not something I was hoping to have happen. Of course this is all dependent on me not going into labor before that. Glad’s mom arrives tomorrow morning. I’ll definitely feel better about going into labor if someone else is around. I’m more concerned for the kids and their care than myself right now.
This leads me to a few prayer requests I have. If you can take the time to pray for these few things I’d really appreciate it.

Ok, #1. Pray for the ecocardiogram results to be normal.

(Update: I had the test done this afternoon and the results were normal.)

#2. Pray for the delivery itself (it’s a planned ceasarean), that there won’t be any complications and that the doctor will do a good job. Pray that I will be able to relax while lying there and that I won’t freak out. (I had a difficult time relaxing last time. I’d like to be able to fall asleep like I did for Logan’s delivery.)

#3. I will be having a tubal ligation done at the same time, so pray that that is also done properly and that I won’t have any post-surgery problems.

#4. Pray for my recovery.

#5. Pray for the baby: to be healthy, to eat well, sleep well, and against any birth trauma.

Thank you for praying for these things. I’ve been praying for them myself but I feel better knowing you will all be praying too. Oh, could you do me a favor and let me know if you will be praying, either in a comment here or on my facebook page. That way I’ll know who is with me on this.

So now you know it won’t be long until baby is here. Of course you will have to wait until I am home from the hospital for pics and such but I promise to get some good ones. After all, I will have 5 days to relax (right) while there so I’ll take as many as I can.

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  1. Amen!!! I sure all you wish and pray for will be granted….All the best.

  2. Pray that all goes well with your delivery Mercy! Pray for the baby's health as well

  3. Looking forward to the pics and the update that all went Mercy ! no doubts on that at all. Praying for you and your babies !



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