Those Last Minute Things

Now it’s time to start getting done all the things I have to do before the baby comes. Every day I look at my list to see what will have to be covered now since I will be pretty much out of commission for at least 2 months after baby comes.
I finished my prep for Logan’s birthday. He is so looking forward to it. Every day he asks about it and reminds me that he wants a farm cake, ice cream and chocolate. He also knows that Nana arrives on his birthday. I’m also (in my head) working on contingency plans in case I happen to be in the hospital on his birthday. I want him to still have a special day, no matter what. I told him that if I’m in the hospital we can still celebrate over there. Last night Glad was teasing him, saying “no birthday”. Poor Logan was almost in tears and I had to explain to him that daddy was just joking and that his birthday was definitely on its way.
I’m almost finished getting what I need for the baby. Actually, thought I was done; then yesterday while making my hospital list I remembered a few more items I still have to get. Better make sure I don’t need anything else. There is nothing like being there and not having what you need. I had nothing with me when I went in for Logan’s delivery as we didn’t expect it to happen that day. Wasn’t a nice situation to be in. So now I am overpreparing. Better that than not being prepared at all.
Another biggie is that I wanted to get my Christmas shopping done now, and I have. It’s a relief to know that the gifts are stored under my bed and that I won’t have to go shopping with a newborn in tow. I even treated myself to a new book yesterday, one that I will not read until I am in the hospital. I hid it so that I won’t be tempted to read it now. I love the “Chicken Soup” series so every now and then I get a new one. The last one I got was called “Power Moms” and this one is stories on being a parent. I also have one for mothers of preschoolers and one for shoppers. My collection is small right now but it will grow with time. I reread these books and never get tired of them.
So what is left? Proabably a million small things, such as making sure Glad knows how to use the washer and that he will have to do a load daily, or that both kids need to wear a disposable diaper at night. I imagine myself lying there with him calling asking how to do this or where to find that. He says he was just fine last time and I reminded him that last time he only had one kid to take care of. I only just found out that he let Logan sleep in our bed the whole time I was gone, and he plans on doing the same this time since he never hears the kids in the night. I’m concerned that then they won’t want to sleep in their own beds when I get back. As it is, Logan crawls into our bed every night. I’ve been trying to get him to stay in his own bed all night but to no avail. I just don’t want to wake up one night and find him sleeping on the baby or falling on me post-delivery. It’s the worst I can imagine right now.
Am I completely prepared for the baby? Not as much as I wish but each little thing out of the way means I will have one less thing to worry about later.

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