Little Miss Independent

Little miss independent has learned the word “no”. To anything and everything, the answer is no – no, she does’t want to eat; no, she isn’t finished eating; no, she doesn’t want to play; no, she doesn’t want to stop playing – no is the word I now hear all day long.
She also wants to do everything herself. She will help herself to fruit if I don’t lock the kitchen door. She will bite into bananas without peeling them. She loves guava. She doesn’t want me to help her eat; she has to feed herself. She tries to dress and undress herself (Logan still says “Mommy do it”). Now when they fight I’m sure the whole neighborhood can hear her scream.
I suppose it is a phase to be passed. I’m having to adjust my mindset about her in so many ways cause I see she is so different from how Logan was at her age. Logan couldn’t say more than 5 words until he was 2 1/2; Lila at 18 months can say at least 30, if not more. Actually, I’m sure it’s more cause I hear new words almost daily. But so far I think the biggest difference between them is how independent she is now that she has learned to say no.
I put pigtails in her hair the other day and it totally changed her face. She looked more grown up and so darn cute. Too bad her hair is still not long enough for them to stay. Either they fall out or she pulls them out.
I love my little independent princess.

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  1. Pretty Gal!! Shez lost some weight too…

  2. I think she has just gotten taller. Her appetite hasn't gone down any.


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