Cookies and Love

(One of my favorite pics of them together. Logan was 20 months and Lila just 2 1/2 months old. New pics will come soon, I promise.)

The other day I saw the proof that my kids really do love each other dispite how much they fight and make each other cry.
It was evening. I was busy cooking, kids were watching t.v. with daddy but Lila wasn’t happy with that. She was hungry and wanted dinner “now”. So I searched the cupboards for something small she could snack on that wouldn’t ruin her appetite. I found a small pack of cookies that had only two left. I figured that she would be happy with one in each hand and that it would keep her quiet for a while. She took them, one in each hand, and without even taking a bite, went directly to Logan and gave him one. I just stood there and watched how cute it was to see her thinking of him and not just shoveling them down as I had expected her to do.
So you see, even toddlers have the ability to think of others and be unselfish, even if only for a moment.

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