Making Life Easier

One thing I love about little children is how easy it is to convince them to do what you want using bribery or stories, or yes, sometimes outright lies. Now we all want our children to learn to be honest so I’m sure some people won’t agree with me on this, but at times it can make life easier.

Case in point:

Logan has always loved milk and would drink it with a passion at any time of day. I could give him a full cup and he would guzzle it. Lately however, for some reason he has taken to not finishing his milk. I started giving him less and he still wouldn’t finish it. He would cry and make a huge fuss if I asked him to finish. I don’t like my kids to waste food, and I think that if they ask for it they should finish it, as long as I haven’t given them too much.
At breakfast this morning I gave Logan his usual cup of milk, well about 3/4 of a cup, and I’m talking about a toddler sippy cup which is about 6 oz, so he had maybe 4 oz. of milk in it, about half of what he usually has. He had eaten all his food but the milk was there and I could see that a problem would arise if I used the usual method of threats. So I decided to tell him that he had to finish his milk otherwise the cow who gave it to him would be so sad and would cry.
Logan adores cows. He loves them so much that whenever we go out anywhere he asks to look for cows. He talks about them all the time. So I felt he would be willing to do something for the animal he loved. He asked if the baby cow would be sad too, and I said yes. Next thing I know, he has the cup in hand and has polished it off in record time. I, of course, praised him for it and he said “Now the cow is happy”, and that was that. It worked this time; it may not work the next, but at least I was able to get him to obey because he wanted to do it instead of the using the usual threats of punishment if he doesn’t.
I like to think of this method as play-acting instead of lying. Kids use play-acting all the time. It’s good for them, as they learn how to act in real life in play settings. I’m not worried at this time about lying anyway, as Logan is quite honest, even to his own hurt. He will actually come to me and tell me when he has done something that he knows is against the rules, such as throwing toys over the balcony, taking fruit without asking me first, hurting Lila, etc. I find that it is not necessary to punish in such cases as he knows that what he did was wrong and he is willing to confess it. That shows that he is learning the difference.

I’m listening to him sing to Lila now. They are playing together in their room and I haven’t heard any fighting in a long time. That’s a good thing. Have I told you that Logan can sing? Yes, he has inherited Glad’s singing ability. He keeps time and has good rhythm, can carry a tune well, and seems to enjoy it. His current favorite songs to sing are “The Wheels on the Bus”, “ABC” and “Old Macdonald”, but he knows many more. I think when he is old enough we will put him into lessons so he can grow this talent.

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  1. Awwwww………!Have heard so much about Glads singing from his sisters. Would love to hear him sometime. I am sure Logan will be great at it too…

  2. Love the story about the cow and his milk :)) TC

  3. I love that you were able to get him to drink his milk by telling him the cow would be sad!!


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