Lila’s Accident

Lila had her first big accident tonight. She has had a few small bumps and scratches before but nothing like this.
It was after dinner and I was lying down trying to regain a little energy before showers and bedtime rolled around. Glad was getting ready to go for his evening class, Logan was supposed to be finishing his dinner, and Lila was doing what toddlers do best: get into trouble.
I heard her climbing one of the dining chairs. She normally has excellent balance and I hardly have to worry about her falling. So when I did hear her fall and cry that cry, I knew she must have gotten hurt. I came out to find her with blood dripping from somewhere and in obvious pain. She had a cut on her eyebrow, bumps on her forehead, a scratch on the side of her nose, and another cut on the inside of her upper gum. She must have slipped and hit the table as she fell. Poor baby.
Well, she is brave and didn’t cry too much. I washed her cuts and tried to apply ice on the swelling but she would have none of that. She did enjoy a bottle of water with ice added. Must have felt good on her swolen, bleeding gums. And in a short time they stopped bleeding and she was her perky self again. She was even eager to eat peanuts for snack before bed. I did give her some children’s crocin which she gulped down, just in case the pain were to keep her awake.
And now she is sleeping peacefully and I am happy it wasn’t worse. All the swelling went down quickly, no stiches were needed, no trip to the doctor. She is tough and brave. I’m not used to her getting hurt as she normally does well with keeping her balance no matter what she is climbing on. Sometimes I wonder if she is practicing to be a stunt person when she grows up. (I sure hope not.)

You can’t see her bumps and cuts too clearly here. They looked worse than the pics show.

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