Imaginary Play

My kids have not done much imaginary play up until now. I think it is something that is taught and I’ve never taught Logan how to do it. He will build with his blocks or Legos, but will look at me strangly if I suggest he make a house for the animals or something like that. He doesn’t know how it works.
Yesterday a friend came by and brought a doll highchair for the kids. As soon as Logan got up from his nap, I showed him how to use it. I put the doll in and told him to feed her. Well, he marched to the fridge to look for food and then looked confused when I told him he had to give her pretend food. I gave him a bowl and spoon and showed him a chair that could be his “fridge” and walked him through taking food out, filling the bowl, and feeding his “baby”. Well, he got the idea pretty quick and as you can see, a whole assortment of his toys got fed. I asked him what he was feeding her and he said “yoghurt”. Then he wanted to give her banana. These are some of his personal favorites and were his first foods as a baby.

Lila’s doll.

Lila’s quacky duck. (It actually quacks. It’s one of her favorite toys.)
When it was that green elephant’s turn (it’s in Lila’s booster chair), I had to show him were the elephant’s mouth was, as he was trying to feed it through the tip of it’s trunk.

Logan’s Ed bear.

Ok, this is a bit much but I helped him put Spiderman in the chair even though it took some fancy manuvering because Glad has this thing about his kids, especially Logan, playing with cuddle toys. He thinks it’s weak and girly and babyish, but Spiderman is ok. I told him that Logan is learning to be a daddy, or maybe just a big brother. If he gets enough practice he may be able to help me feed the new baby when it is old enough. Can’t wait until Glad sees this pic. He’ll freak out.

After Lila woke up she got into it too. She wasn’t too keen on spoonfeeding the doll but she loved the idea of entertaining her doll with blocks and towers.

She built the towers herself.

The same friend also gave us these cute ocean animals to stick on the wall. Logan loves them and I think it makes the room look so much more “kid friendly”. I need to find some more for the other big blank wall. (Ignore Logan’s artwork on the bottom. Clearly he still hasn’t learned to not draw on the walls.)

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